The Beautiful People Project

The Beautiful People Project is about perfecting relationships and maintaining personal power.

We are a support group for those who believe in love, beauty and kindness and wish to grow together with others toward openness, and intimacy.

Wisdom is the key that unlocks the door. The right combination will open the most secure vault. I have the key and the combination to open a few doors and vaults. And you have them already in your reach. My work is to help you find that key and combination so you may enter and exit freely just about anywhere you choose to go.

Let’s begin by defining beauty simply as stature, grace and elegance. Everyone has their own definition. I will loan you mine for a minute until you locate yours because that definition is one of the keys that works for me. I cannot say what works for you. Only you can do that.

If a relationship is beautiful for me then it must have these three elements. It must have stature, grace and elegance. For, if any of these elements are missing it will be anything but beautiful. So, how does one apply these things to a relationship?

I have learned that stature in a relationship is founded on positive attitude, respect and tranquility. I call this “part”. Must do my part. 

Next, the grace, or friendship in a relationship manifests support, tolerance, empathy and patience. I call this “step”. Must take the first step.

And then, the icing on the cake is elegance in the relationship. This is when the stature and grace are working together so wonderfully. The relationship starts to look more rational, elevated, loving, artistic, with technique, and encouraging to others. I call this “relate”. We start relating well to and with each other.

You will hear the term “love” used often. Just for the record I have a paradigm for that word, too. Love for me is Life Order Voice Empathy. These elements must all be present before I can say love is near. If one or more of these elements are missing the most likely emotion is something else like affection, lust, or some sort of passion. Love for me is the highest good. And when Love is coupled in unity and oneness with Life and Truth, the nature of the Deity whom I worship begins to manifest in the physical as well as the spiritual.

This teaching is the basis for what I consider “The Beautiful People”. If you wish to learn more on this write me, and perhaps you and I can parse it even further.



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