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Alexis Cabrera. … Alexis is in his body. Just as you are. Sit back … chill and enjoy 52 minutes of his Boiler Room Buenos Aires Live Set.

My favorite section called Latitas (14:06)  

DJ ZEP – Cool Playlist from the Middle East and Africa!

DJ Zep is a contributing DJ for WEXT 97.7 in Amsterdam,  New York. His tracks are carefully selected to create a sweet energy in the heart of his listeners. 

House Links for the a Deep Groove Experience!

DJ Zep – PBS WEXT 97.7 – Special Feature Playlist “House” 

** These are Youtube links.  Short advertisements may precede. 

JANERET – Exclusive MEOKO Podcast #223

ANNA tech-house DJ set in The Lab LDN (1:31:01)

Alexis Cabrera – Boiler Room Buenos Aires (52:49)

AstroPilot – Ambient Space Live – Winter Solstice (2:00:04)

Carl Cox Sven Vath – Tribal Progressive (1:12:44)

Luc Ringeisen – Amen (8:05)

Dubfire – Boiler Room (2:19:11)

Beeldkamer – Den Maag Makcim (1:55:12)

Ott – Coursing Batch (9:15)

Hallucinogen & Ott – In Dub Live (52:45)

Marcel Van Eyck – Forgotten World (7:56)

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Algeria – Mali – Egypt & India … to Stirr the Imagination and the Soul!

DJ Zep Playlist PBS Feature WEXT 97.7  

Adou – Charlotte Mbango (5:27)

Kalen Nege – Issa Bagayogo (4:14)

Fouye – Djelika Diawara (4:58)

C’est la Nuit Khaled (5:04)

La Raya Rachid – Taha (6:11)

Tabla Beat Science – Big Brother (4:55)

Ganja Dev – Cheb i Sabbah (3:51)

Alaoui ONB (7:04)

M’Ba Fodi – Issa Bagoyogo (5:36)

Wassiye – Habib Koite (4:46)

Lulianna – Te Vaca (4:09)

Salou Alla Nabina – ONB (2:42)

DJ ZEP Sound Alchemy #3

DJ Zep Playlist PBS Feature WEXT 97.7  

Mamou Sidibe – Noumou

Icha – Diblo Dibala (2:51)

Guramele – Gigi (4:28)

Toroya – Issa Bagoyogo (4:48)

Dambe – Mamou Sidibe (3:55)

Raba Raba – Khaled (5:39)

Bint Sarah – Rachid Taha (7:15)

Komine – Habib Koite’ (5:01)

Tigne – Djeneba Seck (5:21)

Lounge & Chill to Relax and Lay Back!

Lost in the Desert – SpringLady (58:42)

Above the Clouds – SpringLady (55:04)

Beautiful South Africa Chillout Lounge Mix – King Ibiza (2:06:

Beautiful Arabian Chillout Arabian Dreams – Springlady (45:24)

Best of Lounge Ambient and Chill Out 2014 – Chillout Heaven (2:00:21)

Seven24 Soty – Best of the Best Chillout – Niko A (1:48:32)

Best Chillout – Sweet Moments – Spring Lady (51:54)

Resonance of the Pond Beautiful Chillout -Gcoups (1:05:40)

The Best Chillout The Sixth Sense – SpringLady (1:02:35)

Beautiful Arabian Chillout Sahara Sunset- SpringLady (1:01:41)

Kizomba! Semba! 

Mika Mendes – Dam Bo Amor

Ronald Y Carolina – Kizomba

Tina – Crazy Feeling

Elizio Angel

Federica & Wojtek – Kizomba Milano Airport

Anselmo Ralpoh – Nao Me Toca 2011

B4 – Melhor Nao Duvidar Video

Zouk – One of the Best Songs

Music for Emotional Catharsis and Cleansing

All of the tracks of the German pianist Michael Fesser represent a kind of sublime channeling of some pretty sweet energy from the heavenlies one never get’s tired of. One might even find the soul clinging to his sound for nurturing and renewal.