Sexual Pleasure and Morality

There is nothing wrong with sexual pleasure. Those who taught me it was wrong … for them it may have been wrong. For me it was right and I have always known it.

It is a natural instinct for the female to attract a male by enticing him with her body offering it to him as something good and pleasurable. Sexy is natural and it is good for her to feel attractive. Whoever says it is wrong … it may be wrong for them. For me it is right and I have always felt it.

When operating in one’s natural instincts it is morally good in a primal sense for that person when it feels right and good. This may include aggressive acts as in hunting, self defense, and restraining the social misfit.

Virile males that are healthy and intelligent attract the interest of suitable females when their purpose, confidence, cleanliness and ability to provide security are clearly apparent.

Once the female has attracted her mate she seeks to maintain her status for survival and naturally accommodates the male’s desire to touch, and to copulate with her. If she is unwilling to accommodate the male’s sexual needs she becomes unfavorable to him and he begins to search for another more suitable mate.

These are natural instincts which underly the more intellectual and psychological convolutions of more advanced societies. Other features in the relationship often cause partners to sublimate their natural instincts, and adapt themselves to arrangements often less in synchrony with them. This conflict often leads to frustration due to the unnatural and often physically disconnected state of the relationship.

The withholding of sexual union in a committed partnership is often considered immoral because of the intense need for sexual union which cannot be eradicated or removed from a person’s natural instincts and as a result leads to disturbances in the relationship when partners seek sexual satisfaction through self pleasuring and stimuli by other means, and or other persons.

Whereas aggression may be a healthy natural instinct as mentioned, acting aggressively with one’s partner in order to satisfy sexual needs feels bad for both. Males often act immorally in this manner regarding fulfilling their sexual needs as a right and privilege even if their partner feels abused in the exchange. This kind of aggressive behavior of the male toward his partner should be avoided and a compromise between the two should be explored either between themselves for sexual satisfaction, or via a suitable surrogate arrangement.

Whereas it is a natural need for female to utilize the male as a means of satisfying her natural instincts for safety and security, females who become conscious of the male’s native instincts for sexual satisfaction and are able to offer herself in a mutually satisfying manner to achieve this balance are apt to maintain life, order, voice and empathy in the relationship. Those females who expect their male partners to sublimate their sexual desires in a long term celibate relationship without his full consent are acting against the natural health and order of love, life, truth. The natural affection in the relationship is in a state of decline. This type of relationship is out of order. The two must find a means of establishing a more open and honest communication and understanding of their mutual needs in order to continue in state of happiness and personal growth.

Morality is founded on principles of well being for all concerned. Immorality is an abuse of justice, peace and the natural order. This truth is simple and quite obvious. Beware the tendency of the so called “highly evolved” to complicate and theorize too heavily what is basic to all living creatures both on a conscious and a feelings based level. The human soul indeed has the gift of higher intelligence. But, when the intellect seeks to justify what is unnatural to any species immorality and disorder will follow for the human, the animal and the planet.

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