Male Fulfillment in Feeling Females

Females are by nature more sensitive than males and stimulated by a much wider field of colors, shapes, textures, sounds, tastes and odors. Aligned with their intuitions their feelings are often quite profound. Males are more naturally performance oriented. Our capabilities for spacial awareness, compartmentalizing, mechanistic and structural abilities are superior to the female’s according to scientific research on our neurological differences. Aligned with our intuitions our innate talents are manifested in creating and sustaining the infrastructures of high culture and civilization with women. But limited to our native left brain characteristics the male often feels out of balance and unfulfilled and forever yearning and searching for that tender touch and loving spirit.

Males relate to females and children in a manner that is different than the way females relate to us and their environment. Females naturally show males a great deal of compatibility, knowing that as our relationship with her and our family develops, our need for emotional support is quite easily and naturally satisfied as our sensitivities are exercised and enlarged.

This neurological orientation in males may also manifest in such a highly charged polarity that at times we begin to objectify females indulging ourselves in physical touch and sexual stimulation with them in an inordinate, insensitive and sometimes overly aggressive manner. This ravenous sexual appetite that “takes”, rather than “receives” nurturing through a mutually agreeable interaction, is an insensitivity in the male that society traditionally seeks to control and manage. Just laws exist to protect females and children from being depersonalized, dehumanized and assaulted through forceful and coercing behavior.

The natural and instinctive need to feel when limited to a craving to a consuming sexual pleasure is regarded as lust. Obsessions to “feel” which lead to addictive behavior, although closely aligned to deeply rooted instincts, are considered “vice” by moralists and religious philosophers. Those given to unmitigated vices, become vicious human beings, both male and female. Other natural instincts such as pride, greed, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth that become inordinate and unchecked affections lead to viciousness in the relationship as well as in the community that culminates in conflict and war.

Females instinctively know that they possess in their bodies an amazing capacity to neutralize these aggressive tendencies in the male; to soften us, as it were. They know that the male is easily satisfied though his sensual association with her as she makes herself available to him on an instinctive, sensory and feeling oriented core level. This is natural and normal, and when the two join agreeably through their sexual association the needs in both are met and satisfied. It is important to understand that sexual intercourse and/or orgasm is only one aspect of sexual fulfillment, whereas satisfying touch and affectionate intimate interaction often bears deeper feelings of esteem, satisfaction and an overall sense of well being. Discouraging this natural polarity from taking place and being enjoyed regularly often leads to feelings of estrangement and other emotional difficulties in the partnership.

Males experience their best feelings when in close proximity to females and especially when touching females soft and sensuous bodies. This is time of learning and exploring takes us out of our analytical left brain while satisfying a need to feel and experience on the right side. It feels good because instinctively we know that it is a good thing for us to do. Of all the senses that relate to experiencing the female perhaps sight is the most highly sensual for the male. Being in the presence of suitable females is part of the male instinct and is perhaps the wisest, and when accomplished in an honorable fashion it centers him and teaches him to balance his thinking with his emotions. This leads to a certain self awareness and consciousness that helps males prosper in their society agreeably with other males and females.

Females who deny his desire for physical touch based nurturing frustrate the male who must who feels conflicted in the relationship and continues to seek the natural balance through a sexual association with perhaps another female. Inhibiting a male’s normal and healthy sexual encounter with a female is counter productive to his growth, nurturing and confidence. In the home it often sustains a sad, dull and detrimental aspect of partnership. When there is no physical compatibility between the two the relationship often becomes co-dependent to other emotional needs as well as a lack of fulfillment for emotional balance in the male through sexual union. Self pleasuring, although a means of sexual relief, leads to isolation which has a distancing effect relationship.

When the female exercises sexual power over to the male manipulating his emotions for personal security and gain she has left the natural and instead of bringing balance and healing to the male she now begins to captivate him in ways that soon leave him dissatisfied and often broken in spirit. The story of Samson and Delilah typifies such a liaison. Social mores have also been established to protect the male from such behavior on the part of the female.

It should never be considered sinful or inappropriate for males to desire sex with a woman. When this desire is expressed by a mature male who is gracious and intelligent in his approach to the female the ensuing relationship may be quite satisfying. An immature, overpowering and ignorant approach to the female is rape which is the criminal exploiting of the female. Through proper education and training males will come to align their natural instincts with behaviors which are healthy, considerate and naturally fulfilling to their female counterparts.

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