Cam Model: About Feelings and OMG!

Having been a life coach for sex workers for many years I can say most assuredly that cam models are all about feelings. The cam model venue lends itself well to females expressing themselves without direction, comparison and inhibition. Each cam model operates on her own stage, with her own audience, and her own structures for self esteem and self discovery. Her bedroom becomes the stage upon which she must reach as deeply as possible into her core to find her own unique personality while in communication with what at times may be thousands of visitors. Her ability to grow, morph and self actualize are wide open.

She experiences a good deal of positive reinforcement to her authentic self which helps her neutralize the temptation to perform, act and fake pleasure and cordiality with her visitors. She knows that this will soon leave her quite empty with little monetary support unless she is a highly seasoned professional with quite a bit of entertaining experience. And, even among those there are many refinements which are still quite feeling based. The feelings they embrace is their own authentic sense of gender and sexuality. The feelings they communicate to males may also leave them quite charged being affected mostly on the right, feeling side of the brain.

This environment supports positive reinforcement both for the females and the males who begin to explore their own feelings determining for themselves, in the interactive exchange, what seems desirable and pleasant and then offering it to the the other.

The “Oh My God” Factor

There comes a point in human experience when there is simply no way to describe a feeling. At that time “Oh My God” seems to be the common way we all tend to let it up. At first when I began hearing people having sex exclaiming “OMG!” I must confess I felt a sense of criticism toward them thinking maybe sex was their god and their proclamation was a form of crude idolatrous invocation. But I have changed my mind to recognizing that down deep each of us acknowledges a higher power and when faced with extreme situations the idea of “god” emerges. Sexually, of course, it is the extreme pleasure that brings out the emotion. The word “god” is a generic term specifying only the idea of deity. Referring to deity during such moments of extreme passion is also a learned response we have heard others use.

Is “OMG” the god of this world referred to in the New Testament that blinds the mind of the unbeliever making carnal interests and pleasures the highest good? In some cases yes. But in other cases a person who feels good about what they are sensing may also be exclaiming over the wonders of creation, and the loving stature, grace and elegance in the sensation and the spirit by which one can know and appreciat it. Such is the case with all beauty. For, beauty is in the mind of the beholder and unlike the mind of lower forms of animals, beauty is something that only we humans and angels are capable of conceiving. For us, then, the deep emotion in “OMG!” is a moment of thanks, gratitude, appreciation, excitement, ecstasy, beauty and whatever else represents the spirit of all that is good.

If one is an atheist and finds that they tend to say this then then in some way perhaps they too acknowledge some higher power or good which preexisted us and will endure even when we are gone. Whether in nature, mankind or the universe the beginning of spiritual awareness begins by acknowledging what is above us. It is well documented that the pleasure experienced in those who believe in a deity is far greater than those who have no such faith. What I have just stated is not about religion, but about life and spirit which we all possess and is itself higher than anything we can make, do, or even fully understand.

What better entertainment is there for the healthy, virile male than to see lovely females feeling pleasure, and offering their truth to others. If this is sexual then all the better. If their media and content is documentary in nature and much different than scripted theatrical or movie productions then what we are observing is much closer to their nature and common manner of expression. The cam venue provides a wonderful resource for witnessing this amazing aspect of people’s lives. Where the question may arise concerning sexual addiction, I believe that this venue has the ability to heal males through human interaction and the satisfying of instinctual male needs through diversity, greater self discovery and self control.

I feel appreciative to be living at a time when people may communicate this way and share themselves with others. One must be patient with oneself as well as the models as we begin to learn about feelings from a whole new perspective. And, although it is not possible to be having sex with them physically the idea of sexual sharing in virtual reality can be quite a rewarding level when one consider the freedom to engage with multiple partners freely and without any physical restraints. It also strengthens both model and visitor in core values, I feel, because the live personal interaction creates a connection that no other form of graphic media can provide. The human interaction offers the potential for greater understanding and awareness both of self and other. So, self discovery is a part of the camming experience.

As far as infidelity to partners, this is a matter to be discussed between them. Where a partnership is functioning on a healthy sexual and communicative level there may still be the need in , gaining knowledge and expanding ones understanding of females and behavior. Where a partnership may be in need of adjustment and refinement sexually the venue also offers a sense of sexual relief to the male but must never be valued higher than his relationship with the partner to whom he is committed. It is my belief that in time he may come to greater sensitivity that will manifest in his relationship.

When a male seeks out the cam venue to engage in private illicit relationships with other women, remains isolated, deceptive and uses the venue to objectify women for purposes of self pleasuring, I feel, he misses the great potential for personal growth and the growth of his partnership. Under those circumstances he is hindered in sexual obsession which as all other addictions leads to emotional, psychological and spiritual degeneration and dysfunction.

For the wise and mature visitor exploring and enjoying the cam venue, the diversity and freedom to interact in quite a relaxed and casual and relaxed manner is a resource that even the sultans of old engaging females in their harem could not experience as easily experience, and imaging the expense and also politicking, protocols and health concerns. This capability of engaging with other people who are actively offering themselves as content makes the cam venue worthy of study, observation and a new philosophy of communication. In time I believe we will see a whole new approach through this genre to sexual health and well being.

Thank you for visiting my blog.



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