Phenomenology in Sex Cam Land

Males are by nature strongly visual and sexual. Females are strongly inclined naturally to seek safety, security and nurturing. In cam land females are open to the male’s nature, and males are quite open to females operating from a safe and secure environment. It is through this venue that males and females may begin to explore more fully something natural and instinctive in one another in a manner that may be quite consistent with marital fidelity. For, there is so often a need for greater sexual and gender awareness on the part of the male, and the fulfillment of the need of the female as nurturer once her need for safety and security has been met. This appears to be something that female partners are more inclined to acknowledge and accept about their male via virtual reality rather than in the physical. This is a gracious understanding of how we are put together and perhaps will result in certain benefits in the relationship.

Phenomenology is a branch of philosophy on how we see, know, and understand consciousness and “point of view”. Given the limitations of individual perspective, there are many ways to view things. By the “Phenomenology in Sex Cam Land” I suggest that there are many ways males get to view, think about and know females, and females get to view, think about and know males. Few beside King Solomon, and perhaps the famous painter, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, can boast of having such a broad and intricate perspective on females (no pun intended). Most of us by virtue of our limited contact tend to be less connected and more myopic.

I like looking at females who like being females and who enjoy going into a sexual place with their femininity. This is a perspective and point of view that is quite normal and natural to the male instinct. Most healthy heterosexual males will agree. To avoid females who like feeling like females, and presenting themselves and their sexual feelings to males is unnatural. This avoidance is sponsored by governing institutions commonly of a religious nature whose purpose it is to impose a hard discipline on males and females to prevent them from engaging and giving way to carnal passions, and the fallout from impulsive and sometimes thoughtless behavior. Understandable, but certainly moral codes are not the whole story of natural human interaction.

So moral structures tend to limit these feelings and presentations to private settings where women are in a more protected environment with her male. In that secure and private realm certain problems have always existed for the female who until recently, and still in many places, was/is considered the “property” of the male. The phenomenon in camming is really simple, women get to show up as themselves, have orgasms and get paid or taken care of for it. But, instead of being with only one man they get to be with a consistent flow of men that keep supporting monetarily gladly, freely and without disappointment. It’s like your body being a favorite deli where a guy prefers to go every day to eat, only much better satisfying the appetite for female enjoyment, interaction and exchange.

So it will be a stretch for pastors and other religious moralists to view, think about and know about Live Sex Cam Land because they choose to view, think about and know it as something immoral which is pretty much the end of the discussion for them since they tend to be closed minded and legalistic and guided by their strict adherence to the look of righteousness among their select and limited group of friends. But those who are open minded and more scientific about biology and life issues
understand the value of basic gender anatomy, physiology and core values based in God given human nature which Christ, who by the way, never came to condemn or in any way disparage human interaction. If he healed you, he simply said, “Now, go your way and sin no more.” He came to affirm that life is something which is essentially higher than the body. His teachings clarify that distinction when he mentioned that love is something you can have for your enemy and your neighbor … as “yourself”. And, that life was more than eat, drink and clothing, and that it was eternal in nature and was intended to signify the existence of a sublimely powerful, majestic and beautiful state of being. He came to liberate us from what others believe and say, so we may be free to find the truth for ourselves in our own unique way. And, if that means entering in cam land to find it that is what we “in Christ” are free to do. This is a major shift in phenomenon and viewpoint that many who are more philosophically and culturally aware may embrace without feeling shame or that they are committing any sin.

Many of these things just mentioned can be found in the Live Sex Cam venue. And, there is no reason to make it a “dirty” thing, unless dirt is what a person is going there to find. “How can it be clean”, some may ask since you have to go through the porn venue to get to it? Doesn’t that make Live Sex simply a part of the Porn world? … Not necessarily. An automobile does not come out of thin air but from a noisy highly automated factory, and yet when you are in it with all it’s creature comforts the last thing one might think of is being in a factory. A farmer has to plough dirt and mud, fertilizing with manure and quite unbreathable chemicals to amend his soil for planting and a bountiful harvest, but when we are in a grocery store picking out fruits and vegetables nicely displayed we see none of the farmer, or any of the earthen aspects of his land and work. Neither does the guest necessarily know of the mess in the kitchen and the hours of preparation when they sit down to enjoy a meal made from that produce. It is the same thing in the cam venue. In fact, many people will say that it is exactly the opposite of porn.

So this shift in perspective of how both males and females are meeting and serving each other is where one’s viewpoint may find a good deal of latitude to stretch. If phenomenology is the study of consciousness, perspective and how we view our world grappling between the subjective and objective then the natural male tendency to objectify females in the porn world shifts to personalizing them in the cam world though live interaction and positive emotional reinforcement. The same movie recording of a moment with a cam model will elicit a different set of feelings and ideas than what was experienced initially during the live encounter. The exact same segment including the transcript in the chat column of the exact same event will elicits a unique effect upon reviewing, different than the initial event.

When we are engaging anyone, at any time in a live communication no one can say what the spirit of that communication may be and it is our right as human beings to search out meaning for ourselves at any given moment of our lives toward greater self awareness, self discovery and self actualization. Things are not static the way others often would have us think, but rather always changing. It is with fearless courage that some embark upon what others feel a perilous trek through uncharted waters. Some survive and others perish.

I hope those who engage in the cam land will employ the highest standards of human consciousness to grow as human beings in understanding and appreciation for females in the new world they are fashioning, and for ourselves in learning how we as males function is such a privileged way in our new virtual association with the female gender.

May stature, grace and elegance abound to enhance the wisdom and beauty of this new venue for both males and females.

Thank you for visiting my blog.



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