A Cam Model Visitor’s Guide

The ever expanding world of the cam model is an amazing sphere of energy well suited to the enjoyment and pleasure of males and females both younger and older adults.

Since it is the general intention of the female models to please her male visitors one may find in this venue many common and extraordinary types of women presenting themselves on a number of different levels from the static to the highly creative.

The Spirit and Nature of Camming I Have Found

As diversified as a department store with it’s often rich variety of products and changing styles so also the cam venue offers a wide cultural display of the feminine from many nations, traditions and customs. Young adult males who live in rural areas with little or no cultural diversity will now begin to become more personally acquainted with women from all over the world. Men who are well traveled and culturally aware will find many refinements and nuances they can certainly appreciate.

Any attempt to stigmatize the idea of “Cam Model” to any singular level associated with general notions of immorality, sexual exploitation, prostitution, pornography, depravity, or similar negative attitudes and beliefs about sex is unfounded and represents ignorance and inexperience on the part of the critic. Who is to say for both visitor and the model upon entering her room what takes place between both, as consenting adults, in the exchange? Those who claim the right to either judge without understanding it’s nature, and categorically condemn criticize from a place of ignorance. Even Christ has said, “Judge [criticize] not, lest you be judged.”

The Cam Modeling venue, often promoted as “Live Sex Model”, rightfully communicates that one is entering an area where sexual exchange may take place. The producers of Internet websites which provide the servers for this content are often notable businesses whose practices, values and public support is widely accepted and praised by the general public. They maintain high standards of excellence in their business association with both models and visitors. They make it possible for people to meet one another in a safe and secure manner regarding their patron’s personal information and privacy as the highest priority. These producers offer their patrons complete freedom to manage and control their own content and exchange. They also maintain strict guidelines that prevent criminal activity via their websites and will avidly identify, ban and report those who are suspect. This level of social responsibility in time will have a significant impact on reducing sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, abuse, child porn, and many other criminal activities globally since it elevates human sexual behavior to a higher standard bringing into the light what has before now been done in darkness. The light exposes the evil many feel exist in what may be considered sexual immorality.

So, it appears that a higher morality now exists in our understanding of what is to be considered “sexual”. And it is women, mainly, who are raising the bar through this venue to encourage males to engage them while learning to better understand women. In the main I believe they have nothing to be ashamed of and they aptly suggest that neither do we who visit. But where depravity exists there is something to be ashamed of.

I in many ways I have come to the notion that perhaps, indeed, I have some things to be ashamed of. I am ashamed of how I generalize, categorize and judge others before I even meet them. I am ashamed of my agenda that seeks to help others when it is I who need the help. I am ashamed of how quickly I make the visual a priority before considering the inner person. I am ashamed of how I reject my own instinct as a man and subordinating them to the prejudices and opinions of others. I am ashamed that I am afraid to come clean and public about my interest in this venue. It is a kind of cowardice that most of the models have had to overcome, and yet I am still unable to. What defiles us is what we carry hidden deeply in our own souls.

Quick Note on Sexual Addiction

Those who think that the live sex model venue is simply pandering to the baser instincts of males are incorrect. The venue is a lot more complex than that. If a person has a sexual addiction problem this venue has the potential to offer emotional healing by expanding addictive emotions into rational and more logical thinking. Both males and females suffer from sexual addiction issues. Males may feel the need to visit without restraint of time and/or budget and find themselves emotionally disfunctional the same as any other emotionally based addictions. Females are being sexually stimulated by the Lush device which is inserted in the vagina and responds to tipping. The pleasurable reinforcements they experience will be associated with whatever it is they are doing at the time and this may establish new patterns in their lives they may wish to either embrace or avoid.

Looking More Closely at the Diversity

There are two major types of cam models out of which I find eight distinct characteristic types.

The two major types are professionals and amateurs.

Among these types there will be certain levels of legalism on one end and flexibility on the other. Many of the professionals tend to have quite a few hard and fast rules about conduct and services. Most of the amateurs keep a much simpler and gracious welcome.

The eight distinct types are as follows;

1. Active 
2. Passive
3. Verbal
4. Non Verbal
5. Responsive 
6. Non responsive
7. Creative
8. Non creative

I have found all combinations of these characteristics exhibited in public areas.

Active models tend to move quite a bit during their sessions. They may dance, sway, change positions, etc. They tend to exhibit a good deal of energy and seem quite physically involved with their work.

Passive models tend to move minimally and exhibit fewer changes in their usual routine.

Verbal models tent to talk a good deal on a number of subjects and use their sessions a means of sharing their feeling and thoughts with their visitors.

Responsive models are quite attentive to their visitors and acknowledge new visitors and generally try to answer questions and react to personally to tips and comments.

Unresponsive models are less attentive to interacting with their visitors and tend to remain distant and times aloof occupying a more inner space.

Non verbal models are much more reticent preferring often to observe their laptop in a much quieter fashion.

Creative models often exhibit changes in their clothing and decor shifting and varying nuances in style. Among these performance shifts tend to occur.

Non creative models exhibit little change from their basis style.

My favorite combination of models tent to be among the Active, responsive, verbal, creative types. My least favorite tend toward the opposite in the passive, non-responsive, non verbal and non creative. Looks make very little difference as a major factor for me in view of these combinations.

Style combinations will appeal to certain kinds of visitors and this perhaps the biggest reason why this venue is gaining in popularity more and more.

For more on this subject please visit my website at www.Cam-alot.com and thank you for visiting my blog today.



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