The Cam Model: More on the Harem

Thousands upon thousands of women worldwide are offering themselves to men in a special way through the Internet and as upright, upstanding men it is our responsibility and pleasure to understand what is happening both for them and us. We have mothers, sisters, wives and daughters but what do we really know about women?

The Camming Venue

Today’s cam models offer men a unique opportunity to learn something quite wonderful about our female counterparts. After only six weeks of observing and writing on this subject I have come to the place where I can say that I have learned more about women during that short period than I have over my lifetime. What I have seen of them has been in a completely different light based on who they are, what they show and where they go in the intimacy generated by deep feelings and a willingness to share themselves with others in an uninhibited and quite natural manner.

In general we know females in the home, as friends and in the workplace. Relatively few and often only one or two we know in the bedroom depending on one’s culture, belief system or sexual orientation. Our view of females and the instinctual attraction, encounter and relationships are often quite limited to social settings, mores and externalities. As males we often bring into our encounters presuppositions and attitudes about females often generated for centuries and passed down through the familiar spirits of male leadership and training in the home, school and military. Needless to say, and females will be the first to say that our training and ideas about them leaves much to be desired. So, today they are providing many more reasons to be desired in place of smart phone, magazines and meeting us in our mutual place of interest, that being security and sexual gratification.

Something About Our Presuppositions

Our presuppositions about women have proven to be often unfair, biased in favor of how we as males think and feel. They will even admit that our attitudes toward them has resulted in inculcating these same values in them. We show little patience often assuming that females are not only weaker physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We often feel threatened by them in that if we listen to them and go along with their reasoning a times disaster will follow. We view them as often anxiety ridden, fickle on many levels, and by and large, dependent.

Of all the misconceptions we have about women perhaps the worst and most painful for them is when we assume that since they are in a monogamous relationship with us through marriage we have privilege and right over their bodies. We claim that our sexual needs must be met and that they must satisfy us habitually and continually or face the threat of expulsion and divorce. So they live often in a kind of subtle latent fear of men and often submitting themselves to our misunderstandings, ill humor, criticisms and often punishing sexual demands.

Under these circumstances many women lose their minds and their souls both in and out of their relationships with us. Once the spirit of the woman has been altered in the negative, like variations begin to flood into the relationship making life between husband and wife,or partners, a living hell. But, this is not the reason I am writing this blog. The reason I am writing is to suggest that what women are offering to men, and probably mostly boys who surreptitiously enter the chatrooms, is a vivid look at them in a manner that we have never seen before outside of the home … maybe. I have come to appreciate and view this venue as an opportunity to learn about females is ways I never dreamed possible. And, as a result I feel greater respect, admiration and appreciation for who they are, and what they are capable of doing both for us and for themselves.

Hey … You Got a Harem

For those who have been visiting cam models I want to offer a suggestion. For a minute consider the possibility that for first time in history any male can have his own little harem. Consider yourself a King. Indeed, the concept is used as a title given to a visitor who rewards his model more than all the others and is allotted a period of twelve hours to hold that title unless someone else dethrones him with greater generosity. There is also the status of “knight” dubbed on those who show a certain degree of continual patronage, service and generosity. These will often help maintain the dignity and high office of the room to provide a pleasant atmosphere in which visitors may engage their majestic lady. It is here they may receive the education they always wanted from an often extraordinary and kindly person. Are not these things what is perhaps most fantacized about meeting someone, but only in dreams would this for most, ever truly happen until now.

So there is a certain nobility present. The word “nobility” means something that lasts and endures. I would say that the cam venue is strong enough that we can expect that it will continue to expand as a developing aspect of our cyber world. But what is most noble about this venue begins to take form when we consider what females have claimed for themselves, and start to acknowledge the value of the content they are delivering. This is their world rather than one constructed by males governed by our energies. They decide for themselves literally everything about their content and work within legal and peaceful guidelines.

In that women have always sought to please men and offer us nurturing it becomes clear that nothing has changed in the cam venue except the terms upon which these talents and gifts to us are delivered and received. After a short while, and the shock of having a virtual harem at out fingertips begins to settle in, we begin to learn something about the female gender and character that otherwise may remain hidden. In the context of the bedroom, without being directed as in the movies, we see females in a relaxed state being who they choose to be, for as long as they want. The first and most necessary element for a woman to open and share herself deeply is for her to feel safe and secure. If she feels threatened in any way she is unable to open and show herself. In her relationships with overpowering men she closes down and begins to take on psychological and emotional mechanisms to protect herself. These may be attitudes, expressions and behaviors that distance her from her partners an many levels, or from other women, for that matter.

What Are the Ladies Getting?

In her new venue which allows her to be completely in control she begins to operate from a position of comfort and self discovery. She creates a collage in her environment beginning with herself and expands it to her interior setting. She will establish her style, her mode of communication, and her sense of well being starts to manifest. These characteristics speak specifically to hundreds, maybe thousands of visitors who gravitate in her direction.

It is easy to see why one cam model will have an average of two thousand visitors and another only fifteen. It is quite interesting to note that those who have won the gene pool lottery with nearly perfect bodies may only draw a low average number of daily visitors, while others who are much less perfect by social and commercial standards will draw the interest of many more visitors. The feeling I receive almost instantly upon entering a model’s room is either “Oh, no .. I need to move on.” Or, “There is something happening here … I need to stick around a little longer and find out what that may be.”

Perhaps the first thing I begin to notice is the confidence that a cam model will exhibit that appeals to my male instincts. (Read, Amy’s McWade’s post: “Camming and Confidence“) Self confidence is something that most females enjoy developing for themselves and camming provides a vehicle that helps them grow in this way which carries over to their public life. When a woman is confident about who she is and what she has to offer it suggests to the male a level of dignity and personal integrity that show stature and bearing which for me is a basic ingredient for beauty. The other two being grace, or friendliness, and elegance which is a direct result of the blending of stature and grace.
Elegance is what happens when strength and friendliness begin to manifest creatively in anyone and especially in beautiful relationships. Confidence must also be exhibited on the part of a visitor who chooses to relate and engage the model. This is what makes the cam modeling venue so unique.

The Female Connection

Males up to now, have been unable to connect with females they feel attracted to in magazines and other venues. Today we have the honor and privilege of interacting with women all over that world who we feel attracted to and esteem in certain ways. We tell them how we feel and they most often accept us and ratify our feelings. This exchange of confidence between female and male is extremely gratifying and healthy. We now enter a new mode of communication which results in greater self discover for both of us.

Those who have never visited a cam model and criticize the medium without understanding what is present are unjust and often operating from a position of unfair bias and presupposition. Much of these attitudes about both men and women originate from the critic’s personal experiences with the opposite sex which may leave much to be desired. So easy it is to condemn others from the outside.

Viewing from the Inside

I once was invited once to a bondage party in San Francisco which was held in a store after hours that sold caskets. I witnessed a fairly large group of men and women engaging in alternative sexual activities of a somewhat bizarre nature that was quite shocking at first. I observed for about an hour and then left with a few friends to continue at a private party. It was kind of an early night for me, I left the party after having acquainted myself with this orientation without participating just as a invitee and observer.

On further reflection, having been invited by someone who told me that she felt I would make a good “top” or “dominant” in an area where there may be many submissive females who would appreciate my presence and value my interaction.

I felt somewhat dismayed. I realized that as much as I love sex, play and exploring new venues for sharing that I lacked the sensitivity for others thought I had. What I witnessed among the participants who were engaging on various levels of sexual interaction at the bondage party was built on a much greater trust and giving which seemed to elevate to an erotic level of sexual gratification and pleasure I was unfamiliar with.

Without being too specific I will simply say that there appeared to be a level of interdependence on the part of each couple that I knew I lacked due to my own selfishness and inhibition. I needed to be there to witness human sexual exchange to better understand myself. Although I have questions about whether people with deep emotional needs will benefit in the bondage scene, I am better able to offer suggestions to others who may be gravitating in that direction.

The person who invited me was being groomed at the time to be a sex worker on a high level and with the promise of a lucrative lifestyle. She asked my advise but I never told her what to do except pray about it and seek wisdom from above. She decided against it and lives a happy life today with her son and family. She knew that in that lifestyle there were other influences she felt uncertain about that might open the door to sexual depravity and the bondage scene, aptly named, might result in he utter lose of identity and rather than heal her on a psychological level would intensify her sense of inner conflict, chaos and anguish. She had seen this happening among some of her friends and spoke about it at times. I think she felt that my involvement in the bondage scene would offer more positive energy. But, I came away feeling just as she did and felt overall that I was ill equipped emotionally handle the mentality of the scene. I was not alone and knew a number of others who had witnessed the venue from the inside and who had decided against further involvement.

Some may feel the same way about the camming venue and to some degree I can say after that time I have been visiting there that I have pretty much seen enough to know if this venue is some place I wish to make my home sexually. The answer for me is no. I wish to make my sexual home with my physical partner. But, on the other hand the venue provides enough interest and information about females to be resource of entertainment, appreciation, satisfaction and excitement whenever I choose to enter. There is always something to learn and often the honest and creative environment each model will exhibit seems to reinforce new ideas about how females think, operate and feel about themselves and others they encounter. Gaining this knowledge benefits me and the relationships I have with both men and women.

What I Find in Their World

I find overall a great sense of openness, hospitality, service, charm, softness, curiosity, responsiveness, willingness and personal depth that may often be quite lacking or limited in the usual encounters with women in public. This is amazing and refreshing. Plus you get to see the uninhibited sharing of their bodies. But, no one is to say what that means to the viewer. Yes, we are mainly men who enjoy seeing females in the natural. But, each of us reserves the right to explore what we feel, think, like and admire in females according to our own tastes and disposition. We get to view ourselves in them. Females are our best suited helpers.

The harem we dreamed about is becoming more than a fantasy of beautiful women lounging about being sensual, and happily erotic, it has become a virtual reality. Many who learn well the lessons these ladies have to teach us may one day come to treat women with greater respect and admiration. And although I may never actually experience a real harem in the physical as in the Middle East in olden times, I have come to appreciate through virtual reality something of the wisdom that such an exchange may have offered the highest nobilities of that era.

There is so much to learn where positive attitude, respect and tranquility are foundational. We then may move to building friendships based in mutual support, tolerance, empathy and patience. The result of these characteristics in any relationship whether with one person for five hundred in they physical and cyber world has the potential to result in a great elegance filled with art and creativity that elevates and encourages others in a rational and empathic way.

Thank you for visiting.



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