The Cam Model and Sexual Stimulation

Most males have the desire to feel sexually stimulated by a female. This is a natural instinct and basic to male needs, interests and pursuits. This desire is the crowning jewel of the alpha’s deepest biological purpose. When such empowerment on the part of the male is generated by being focused and centered in his body he may advance well beyond the survival stages of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to greater levels of self actualization. When the male experiences his sexuality in any manner deviant to his basic male human nature I believe he may well remain at lower survival level thinking and feeling until he learns to grow emotionally and intellectually.

This distinction is the difference between sex and eroticism. Sex remains at the lower basic natural levels good enough for simple satisfaction. This tends to be often weighted in favor of the male who feels it his right and privilege over the female’s body sometimes disapprovingly. But when the male or the female are able to communicate wisely on the subject of their basic nature and feelings they begin developing their sexual relationship as a healthy and pleasurable practice which evolves into eroticism.

It should be clear that the communication required to achieve this must be in balance with the females psyche primarily. Males tend to operate in the analytically, performance and compartmentalizing oriented left brain. Their use of this talent often works against us when it is without regard and feeling to syncronize with the female’s hormones present during all her encounters with people because her physical brain is better balanced between the left and the more sensory and feeling oriented right brain.

Males have a hard time respecting the female because of our different cerebral orientation. We think they think and feel the way we do. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The inability, therefore, to communicate with the female and interface with her best mode of receptivity often causes emotional breakdowns in the relationship.

By engaging with the female fully as a male through sexual leadership and integrity he communicates more fully with the female, and in that space has the potential to literally cleanse the female of her fear and inhibitions which when left too long results in her being closed and often out of touch with her own natural sexual feelings. She becomes settled in her mundane existence and loses confidence, creativity. Her over all sense of well being, feeling unproductive at the subconscious and core level have been hindered and although she seeks safety and security from males it will also seek to protect her from her own sexuality. Much insight came to me while reading Naomi Wolf’s book, “Vagina”, where she covers the neurological association between the female’s sexual organs, hormones and her brain.

I think one should never feel inhibited, ashamed or embarrassed about the idea of sexual stimulation. I believe all human beings should embrace it. I think if one is going to feel inhibited, ashamed or embarrassed it should be if in one’s passions and cravings they feel the need to abuse themselves or anyone else. These persons should seek professional counseling and guidance.

Viewing sexual stimulation as good healthy thing will produce better fruit in a relationship as two consenting adults find mutual satisfaction in each other’s company both in and out of sexual encounter. We are always sexual by virtue of our personal reality and then in the polarity of the encounter with another. Beware of forces which attempt to neutralize these feelings through vain tradition, taboos and moral codes which have had to make and enforce rules regarding wicked, self centered human behavior. Rightfully they are dealing with situations which are depraved and should be prohibited. But, human sexuality in and of itself is not depraved and evil. Understanding the difference is where the work must be done in each of us to rediscover what is natural and normal for humans to think, feel and do.

Please let me know what you think about what I have just said.



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