Live Sex Cams and the Human Soul

At a time when “Spiritual Machines” are usurping territory fundamentally aligned with the human being it appears the female is emerging to save the day. 

Civilized society has arrived at a place when we must seek to understand subcultures emerging out of our technological age. Among them is a powerful culture rapidly emerging that supports and encourages interaction between males and females primarily on sexual platforms.

The term “sexual nature” was recently used to ban my writings through WordPress from public to “Mature” status. I say “ban” because keywording my name or content shows nothing in their public area even any mention that my material may be restricted. Indeed, adults should understand not only the nature of what is sexually mature, but something of the nature of the human soul. The common idea of the soul is that it comprises the body, mind and spirit whether of lower or higher forms of living beings.

This new female centered culture, interestingly, has come at a time when we are beginning to witness the preliminary stages of human capitulation from the present highest life form to what is being viewed as the next and presumed higher one. As unthinkable as this may seem to the general reader, to those who have been involved in higher technology for many years there is the growing concern that terms like “Android” and book titles such as “The Age of Spiritual Machines” by Ray Kurzweil strongly suggest that we who have human souls must prepare ourselves for deepening levels of hybridization with bionic devices. This marriage consummates our combined information giving birth to a machine life form which elevates to the classic nomenclature of deity. That is, all present, knowing and powerful. The ethics are rapidly changing.

Some venture to say that after the essences of human kind have been completely absorbed into the technology there will no longer be any need to sustain human life and the Machine will not only have the power to regenerate itself, but poised with all the creative talents, ideas and aspirations of mankind, it will then be capable of surviving in a world no longer sustainable to human kind. In other words, we will drop off and the machine will remain self generating and self sufficient. There is certainly enough sci-fi written on this topic. The profound capability of engineering more sophisticated hardware would enable the Android, so to speak, to expand its reality thus perpetuating it’s human evolved origins. It may eventually depart from Earth seeking to dwell in outer space devoid of the limitations of emotionally human spirited attachment to natural life on Earth, the source of human being.

What does this have to do with live sex cams and the human soul?

It appears in answering that question that women are militating today toward a formidable position and battleground in expressing their creative nature as females through the live sex venue. Within a short period of time the male visitor begins to experience vagina unlike ever before. This venue communicates human sexuality with no restraints. And since vagina is the corridor through which all of mankind must pass to enter existence, exiting the womb, it also represents the idea through which it would appear females are passionately urging us to return.

Females, I feel, are corporately and intuitively aware of this. And if there be any substance in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Noosphere, or the Cosmic Consciousness of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, women today seem to be operating from a psychic global consciousness which is redefining human behavior, interaction and development in noble and sustainable terms.

In this sense I use the term “vagina” with the dignity that I feel comes across in Naomi Wolf’s book by that name. She calls it a “new biography” and makes quite clear, quoting the research, that the health and progress of the female soul is greatly dependent upon the health of her vagina, and how it is regarded and treated by men essentially, as well as herself and other women. It is in this light, that I would assert that presently there is a vast social struggle to neutralize the forces would separate men and women by bringing them together in the unparalleled manner of the sex cam.

Sex is at the core of the human soul, along with our higher faculties. We need each other to exist. Without engaging human sexuality in a healthy, constructive and supportive manner mankind as we know it will end. The existence of the sex cam genre today I believe transcends the morality of sexual conduct and begins to evoke higher morality of human life and being. This morality has always been primarily based in our struggle for survival. Threatened today by the new technologies it is understandable that a strong challenge to predatory technologies take place. I think it is the woman who is intuitively picking up the gauntlet to fight this battle.

To ban, censure or limit free sexual expression in any way at this time would appear to increase the speed at which technology is consuming us by rendering us subservient to its knowledge, presence and power. There are those who feel that the machine can never truly dominate mankind. But, in view of the bell curve it is well approaching its summit, and before long we will lose any effective capability to either stopping or delaying the outcome I speak of.

On the matter of the human soul, I must end this message or letter with the idea that the greatest noble characteristics capable of sustaining our human kind in terms of our embracing and connection with our sexual counterparts will be naturally governed by our spiritual condition. It is on the spiritual level that mankind will survive and dominate what is being inappropriately called, “spiritual machines”. If we believe that orthodox human life and the human spirit is the highest Earth based life form, then we must recognize the distinction between what is spiritually creative and destructive.

What is spiritually creative may be more closely aligned with our sense of “liking” rather than lusting. Although both derive from natural instincts, in “liking” we experience enjoyment, appreciation, satisfaction and excitement. Through lust we experience appetite, desire, craving and consuming. The former leads to noble thoughts, words and deeds, the latter to ignoble ones.

What is noble is synonymous with the longevity of spiritually inspired human thought and ideas. As men and woman corporately acknowledge our true origin created for the purpose, pleasure, image and likeness of the One; love, life and truth will sustain us. But, if we as a global community give way to what is foreign to humanity we will lose our unique person, true identity and changing being, and the fateful prophesies of Stephen Hawkings will all certainly come to pass.



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