Cam Models and Our New Indiscretions

Typically if a females offers sex to a male he is most likely to go for it and often without thinking first. For the male it is like shifting into a very high gear, or doing a slalom down a hill. There is no stopping until you either run out of gas or hit a tree. Most women are given to a similar impulse toward indiscretion when they meet other women and “Gossip”.

Females understand this indiscretion quite well. But I find it quite normal that they will begin to react to the amount of brutishness they experience by the majority of males who visit them in their bedroom as they are displaying their vagina openly for the whatever. I must confess, I have come to a place of some disdain for my male brothers at times. Yet, it seems consistent with our native instincts that males react so viscerally when given such a wide open opportunities. We quite easily seccumb to the temptation falling headlong into the abyss of appetite, desire, craving and an all encompassing need to consume. King Solomon’s word to the male on this in his book Proverbs …”Watch Out!”

Such immediate indiscretions by males range from “You are so beautiful”, which the beauty queen has heard countless times to the point of nausia, to “Show me your tits” which she enjoys more because it suggests to her that with only a little prompting tokens of affection are likely to pour into her wide open coffers, as her bluetooth Lovense toy rewards her internally. So she gladly grins and bears it blowing kisses to the sweet ringing of her cash register repeatedly sounding as she offers her charms so brutishly to her gleeful visitors.

It is often comical how quickly we judge others who are in many ways mimicking ourselves. Even more humorous is how we descend into deeper and deeper levels of criticism while engaging in similar indiscretions. How easy it is to operate in the paradigms and constructs of blame while justifying ourselves on phantom noble values which we think place us above others. How easy to point the finger and how hard to see the three pointing back. Where such indiscretions have existed historically failure, disease and unhappiness often seem to prevail at length. But I wonder if a new paradigm is emerging today as we view the new models of our human expression. Wantonly exhibited through the camming venues, and recalling the classic conditions of mankind on both physical and emotional levels, consider even Ancient Rome never knew such indiscretions. So why today?

The illusive comforts of isolation, addiction and depression become apparent where these indiscretions feel safe to manifest in a solitary and yet public fashion. I am beginning to view this as a response to the isolating effects of today’s cyber technologies. Could this new cam phenomenon where interactive sound and sight exists be a balance to the dehumanizing effects of the smart phone? In the absence of face to face contact parties is more likely to engage in negative attitudes, disrespect and sometimes even chaotic exchanges. The classic telephone is a good example of that.

The isolation gives a sense of freedom to allow one’s deeper feelings to emerge. Perhaps this is a good thing. Maybe this new cam experience is nature’s way to provide a suitable balance for the extreme psychological effects of our new cyber orientations. In the advent of emotions mimicking artificial intelligence that have a deep allure over the psyche, perhaps the existence of the female weighted cam genre provides a counter balance to the onslaught of inanimate intelligent organisms. Indeed, the interactive cartoons manifest another level of visceral connection especially with the youth being well groomed on lifelike video games. I fear the day has already arrived when a young man goes into the bedroom of an interactive cartoons and feels the impulse to say, “Gee, you’re so beautiful, show me your ass?”

So let’s put a cinch on this, let’s see if we can make sense of it. For the first time in history the vaginas of countless woman are being shamelessly displayed openly to public viewing. The idea of shame is no longer attached to this, hithertofore, flagrant act. Even prostitutes have in public maintained a much higher degree of modesty. The word in the instruction guidelines for good camming practices says it is better to remain more reserved in public areas. But, this is mainly to build excitement by withholding the goods to maximize profits in the private areas. This rule is often broken as models use vaginas to lure indiscreet males into private areas for more personal engagement even though spying is permitted for a price.

But, there is nothing indiscreet about a vagina, or what it represents in society, in marriage, in menstruation, in child bearing, in eroticism and in the unique hormonal balance of the female. So perhaps, the message that the female centered “Live Sex Model” is communicating beneath the skirt and veil of discretion is “come and get it”, feel good, play with me and yourself, be kind, do not be rude, tip, compliment, and do everything in your power to operate within the full spectrum of your dear male nature right here and now. Stay present, stay connected and enjoy our mutual indiscretions.

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