Liking, Lusting and Love

Over the past few years I have begun to understand more clearly essential core values. I have learned to honor my biology and to accept my natural tendencies for fully. Through this I have come to honor myself as a human being and feel more greatly fulfilled in my life.

Yet, there are many forces which surround us all that one may consider predatory that seek to consume us. In satisfying it’s inordinate craving for our resources of interest and especially our money, these entities seek to seduce our natural instincts to a similar place causing us to make choices based on our natural instincts to consume. This is so prevalent in our society that we are called “consumers”. I feel the term “human being” is more desirable, but the term “consumer” is quite revealing about a condition we as a people have to accept and embrace without making too many distinctions about the outcome of our thoughts, words and deeds.

As an aside, today there is a socio-political conflict which hopefully may result in a restructuring of social understanding and values concerning our well exploited status as consumers for the economic good of a few. What I am about to share is a distinction that I think applies to us all as human beings and consumers.

I have recently began to study the new female centered venue of Cam Modeling and been writing quite a bit on the subject in my blog at “”. It has only been a little over a month and I think I have experienced enough in that period to draw certain conclusions about myself and my behavior as well as the attitudes, mannerisms and new paradigms I am finding in cam land. Overall, I feel quite amused and delighted but not without a certain degree of caution. So my assessment begins here at home. What is coming up for me and what is my current involvement in this new venue saying to my spirit on deeper emotional and intellectual level.

My response to this question is “liking, lusting and love”, as I am becoming more aware, and as these things apply to my life.

“Liking” and “Lust” are natural human instincts. But, I experience a big difference between them.

“Liking” is positive feeling of enjoyment, appreciation, satisfaction and excitement. (EASE). These feelings are less immediate and satisfaction has the potential for longevity. These tend toward thoughts, words and deeds that are noble.

Lust is feelings of appetite, desire, and craving to consume. These feelings are immediate and satisfaction is temporary. In excess these tend toward thoughts, words, and deeds that are ignoble.

I have found that those who are wise prefer to live in a state of “liking” because these emotions promote healing. Lust is a darker negative emotion which leads to dis-ease and eventual destruction.

Those who are wise and noble seem to be quite aware of these things and choose liking over lust. Those who are unwise and ignoble seek to seduce others by promoting lust and what is ignoble.

And now the idea of “love”. This is quite a general term which means many things to many people. I have recently come to a new paradigm for “love” which simply stated represents four things for me. Well positioned in the acrostic and, curiously, in the right order love for me is: Life, Order, Voice and Empathy.

So in further understanding the balance between liking and lusting I recognize that love is ultimately going to be the final test of where my identity has arrived. Is my life producing love according to my paradigm of it?

Each one of us is on a journey. I hope to arrive at my final destination in greater liking and love.



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