Cam Girl: To Ban or Not to Ban …

“That is the question? … Whether ’tis nobler in the heart to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them.” -Shakespeare

Throughout my journey in cam land I have been banned a number of times and probably for good reasons. Whether I appeared rude, pushy, out of place, or simply failed to observe certain guidelines I have been cast out enough to now wish to consider the dynamics of the formidable “ban”.

Banning is something that females have historically had a difficult time doing. They have always done it on some level. But, all to often, they have been made to grin and bear it, especially in the home and workplace. Throughout the ages, females being consider the weaker sex, have all often been exploited. They have had little recourse to virtually shutting out whatever negative stimuli which seeks to impose itself on them. They have been trained to buck up and take much more than their fair share of abuse.

Today the tides are finally shifting and in the world of camming .. banning is one long awaited implement they get to wield to clobber the intruder who fails to suit their needs and wishes. Although it is a protective mechanism it is not without good purpose that they use it. I was on a site today and in conversation of the model and her visitors and somebody took the liberty to refer to me in vulgar terms and model after one warning gave him the guillotine on the next infraction without hesitation. Chopped his handle right off! I loved it.

It may seem heartless at times but the female reserves the right to safeguard her sensitivities and interests without necessarily having to depend on anyone else in the camming venue. One press of the button and one slides into the infernal abyss of rejection, where there is the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I landed in the bedroom of a powerful professional surrounded by her mighty halfback knights,and feeling my Aries instinct to scratch my hoofs at one point when sexy Amazonian python begins slithering her money maker nearly gobbling up the cam … I blurted out ..”Is that all you got?” I was quickly seized without warning and hurled headlong out the door by one of her hired henchmen. I dusted myself off and returned via another handle to say, “Godzillalady, Your knight just did you an awful disservice!” Then I slammed the door behind me whizzed off like an alien in cyberspace. Sometimes you just have to save face. But I do not recommend taking this approach if you ever intend to return in good graces. I could go on and on with the philosophy of banning, but let me just say I feel it is a valuable tool in a woman’s hand, and I respect their right to use it however they please.

A word to Sir Lancelot –get a second handle and when you feel you have been inappropriately banned, or nixed amiss return and profusely beg forgiveness and nine times out of ten I believe you will make a friend while showing your dedication and loyalty to her cause. Forget about revenge. It makes us all look bad. Go back humbly even if it was her fault. Then she feels she owes you having been a little hasty with her hairpin trigger finger, and that is the position you will fare best being in .

One more thing. Sometimes a model’s knights get carried away with his ego, cowardice and impulsiveness while viewing every visitor as a threat hoping to limit their visits to vapid and inane compliments. Expect to be censured and silenced on a whim occasionally. Never take this action personally on the part of an egocentric and controlling knight. When we arrive we are just a meaningless handle with tokens. It’s kind of like getting cut off on the highway. At first it is normally unsettling but I simply let the person go on to their own hasty demise. I wish them well and never allow myself to feel deeply slighted by the injustice. I can always will return under a spare handle all the wiser should I choose.

Thank you for taking the time. And, please leave me a comment.



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