Cam Models, Violin and Relaxation

You are going to laugh when I tell you this but I have begun practicing my violin while watch certain cam models. Let me say why.

Overall … good feelings. One day while playing I was simultaneously watching one of my favorite cam models. She was moving so gracefully at the time. Her body was delightful and nicely developed. Great lighting. She was moving quite sensually kind of dancing gently in her bedroom and somewhat lost in her trance knowing she was being viewed by a rather large number of visitors.

As I watched I began to notice that the whole feeling of her relaxed state began to affect my playing. It was as if some mysterious fairy dust had been sprinkled in my room. So, I began to explore this phenomenon only to find that if I watch lovely cam models, and even certain couples, as I am practicing I begin to move into my subconscious while playing, and I seem to accomplish greater facility during scales and other devices which result in greater control and intonation.

This morning as I am writing this post it had occurred to me that the whole positive state of loving, sharing, touch, gentleness, and relaxation communicates so nicely to construct an environment conducive to practice that I believe there is something quite profound happening. I have also had similar feelings while listening to other music and playing along. But the visuals seem to have a different effect stimulating the sense of sight. Often I must turn down the music the model may have playing in the background while rehearsing because that often tends to create a conflict of sensory stimuli.

In one setting there is a couple who are generally standing and touching each other so romantically in an almost Rodin like sculptural moments. They are making love without performance goals … they are simply being in a lovely space. That seemed quite conducive to a flow of feelings while playing so that I eventually found myself playing to their movements.

I think there is room here for further study and insights. Overall, I think the relaxed and natural feeling in the models can communicate the music generally does to set a mood and an a tone that can be a powerful asset to study and refinement.

Thank you for reading my blog and please feel free to comment.



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