I would Rather See People Making Love Than …

We view people everyday in all sorts of occupations and settings but I would rather see people engaged in making love than any other preoccupation.

For many years I felt quite inhibited and ashamed of this. Now I wonder why? I wonder why something that can be so soft and gentle where two people love each other and are sharing intimate moments should have produced so much shame and inhibition. Is it because social mores have in some way denigrated and condemned the idea of human sexuality? I think so. I think religion and social mores have, and often for good reasons, chosen to view sex as something dirty, vulgar and often as something low or common. Religion would like us to think that they respect the privacy associated with sexual practices but, by and large, their speak is often in generalities that inhibit conversation on this natural aspect of our humanity. Violence and killing people in justifiable wars, hostile sports, and a myriad of aggressive cruelty based stories supported by vivid media and graphics seem to be more acceptable. I wonder why?

So why then is sexually explicit, or “adult” material so stigmatized? Why is it something considered only for adults, and why is erotic literature considered socially inferior to other types of literature?

Sexual intimacy is more than a common practice but one that generate new life, causes people to bond in the deepest manner, enhances and improves good health, is known to build self esteem, and perhaps the highest of all other benefits to cause a person to self actualize to a place of deep self discovery. It is from this perspective that my work, “The Coach” was written to serve as an encouragement and guide to sexual well being.

Wherever human sexuality and erotic exchange is motivated by selfish self seeking,  sexual exchange will be tinged and corrupted. But the opposite is also true that where human sexuality and erotic exchange is motivated by mutual concern and giving to one another, the idea of the sexual exchange will be beneficial to those who learn about and embrace it.

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