Cam Model as Universal Woman

It has only been a month since I been wandering about in camland meeting lovely ladies from every country, ethnicity and morphology. Something has become quite clear to me — the unique quality and essence of the female nature.

Through this medium females have found a venue in which they can earn a living in the safest and most relaxed state they have ever known. The allure to meet some of the world’s sexiest women without having to belong to an exclusive country club, own a house in Malibu, or drive a luxury sports car makes this venue only natural for the average virile male. The question is how one chooses to approach it. How does one enter this place with dignity and self respect? This question is being asked by both models and visitors today. And, although one may find many levels of social interaction there is no one answer. Each of us must ask our own questions and seek our own answers.

For me, I take a more philosophical approach to these questions. I certainly love sex but sex for me is an aspect of my being that I am learning about and coming to an understanding that brings delight and enjoyment into my life because I value my biology and humanity. Many people feel similarly. Some rush headlong in the cam world seeing only the sexual parts of the women. Easy to do and always captivating, but to limit oneself to objectifying women for visual pleasure is in no way the purpose for my being there.

So, what I have found in these bedrooms with my acquaintances from many nations and ethnicities is something remarkable about the nature of women. Sister, mother, daughter, lover, wife, friend, mistress … these are the terms I designate and mentality I choose to embrace whenever I am in the company of these remarkable ladies. The derogatory and abusive terms often applied to women never enter my mind. I was banned once for 30 days, and muted once for 24 hours. I respected these ladies all the more for exercising their right to maintain the comfort levels they desired in their room. On both occasions I failed to read the signs and simply made a nuisance of myself. But this is no reason to think any lower of them as many men may be apt to do taking offense and hurling out abusive labels.

What I have found is that real beauty is everywhere. My definition encompasses the elements of stature, grace and elegance. The foundation of relationship must be strong. That strength upon which relationship for me is based is in positive attitude, respect and tranquility. By and large this is exactly what I find. In ensuing interaction between model and visitor if this foundation is present then my paradigm for grace, or friendship, may follow which is support, tolerance, empathy and patience. The stature model is “part”, and the grace model just mentioned is “step”. So in forming the relationship I play my part and take a step in the right direction. Once these two things have been accomplished the elegance begins to flow.

It makes no difference through what media we operate. The results will always be the same. One begins to experience a rational exchange followed by a sense that the encounter has been slightly elevated. Now, love begins to emerge which produces something artful. At this juncture technique develops which further improves the relationship and finally an atmosphere of encouragement begins to become apparent rather than ego. This paradigm found for elegance is then represented in the acrostic “relate”

As the beauty begins to become apparent to me in more than physical and sexual terms I begin to see in to the heart and soul of the person I am visiting. I begin to see them as fully human with all the strengths and weaknesses we all commonly have. I begin to esteem them more and more as women a I become more intimately acquainted with the female behaviors and characteristics so commonly exhibited. But, somehow through this venus I find my self understanding them on a high level. I begin to see the universality of their gender traits and nature. I love this about them. I know better now why I have always loved women and my esteem for them has only increased though this venue.

Women who are courageous enough to share themselves so intimately with us are certainly worthy of greater respect and honor, not lesser. Yet, I know there are pitfalls that we all encounter. And I hope in some way I may inspire others to find the solution to life’s many difficult questions, and that by commenting on this field many may be enriched, both model and visitor.

Please let me know your thoughts.



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