“Amy” – The Cam Model’s Counselor

Thinking about getting into cam modeling? Considering what it might be like to connect with hundreds, maybe even thousands of men and women and becoming an instant starlet? Drawn by the hope of generating a decent income while being your own boss? Sound too good to be true? A little scary … ?

Amy is a veteran cam model publishing some valuable information on WordPress. Her page is called Cam Girl Counseling. I was pretty excited to discover her page because the best advise will always come from those who are doing the things they talk about. I can talk about what it means to be a visitor but what do I know about being a cam model? Amy, on the other hand, not only has valuable experience in front of the cam but she also has a heart to see others prosper in a safe, enjoyable and lucrative way.

I wrote her the other day to see if she was interested in forming some sort of collaboration. The prospect of communicating to others on both sides of the story seemed a good fit. I bring up some philosophical view points often appealing to the sensitivities of the visitors about issues of the male soul and psyche who certainly appreciate encountering some of the most gorgeous and willing females one could ever imagine. Amy puts the rubber where it meets the road so the ladies can have a great experience sharing themselves with the general public seamlessly and without endangering and jeapardizing their journey by making mistakes along the way which may hinder and discourage them.

In reviewing her material the first thing I found was her wide open heart and soul. She shared her story offering valuable suggestions to those in the field. She seemed to have a fine product to offer and was using all her talents to bring it forth to her readers. I began to admire her for her honesty and diligence. A good example, is in her initial post “Before You Become a Cam Model”. This is a more basic post to get the newcomer off and running. Amy often posts great photos and knows how to write succinctly and accurately about what’s going on in her field. Her point of view is always fresh and objective. I find her interesting to read and am eager for her next post.

I had to laugh she begins her post, “Socializing Naked” with “I’m going to start this article off with a quick burst of honesty. As an online model, I hated social media…” The article is brief but quite informative as she reviews the main social medias and how they may be useful to the cam model. When it came to Instagram she metioned, “Not many people will pay to follow your Instagram, as they usually feel they can just see you naked in the chat room.” … She get’s right to the point, holds no punches and tells it like it is. This is the value of good mentoring.

Some of her other titles are: “Butt Safety” Butt is big today and many people’s curiosity on this Freudian topic are quite interested. But for for the model who feels her calling to exploring her talents in back door pleasures she definitely needs a little coaching to keep things in good working order. “A List of 25 Sex Show Ideas”, “Lovense Sex Toys”, “What I Would Do Differently”, and “Interview: Rosie Hennessy”. Here is the link to her index page in Cam Model Counselling that lists all her current material. Amy is posting every Friday and beginning to interview models for their exciting stories and experiences.

“A List of 25 Sex Show Ideas”. It is amazing to me to notice how many visitors or how few are in a given model’s room at any given time. Kind of mind boggling. One may have 25 thousand viewers and another equally as beautiful, affable and charming may have only two. One important idea about how to reach viewers has to do with how a model learns to discover herself, her talents and strengths and how to employ them in her little bedroom tv studio in a creative and interesting way that is entertaining and rewarding to both her and her audience.

To help discover one’s own strategy Amy provides this article with many useful ideas to explore and consider. The possibilities are endless. What’s really cool is that she simply points her reader to a number of examples to kind of inspire further thinking without telling you how to do it.

I have found that many models seem quite static and passive almost stuck in a few patterns that never seem to work for them for increasing traffic, income and enjoyment. I see many looking quite bored and even tired just sitting there waiting for something to happen. The value of a simple page of ideas can revolutionize the cam model’s approach to her work and help her to find the right purpose for her being there and what may be the beginning of more vibrant and exiting experience both for her and her visitors.  

“Lovense Sex Toys”. I often wondered why so many girls had this little pink thing wiggling about down at the apex. Who knew … it is an antenna? The other end is where all the action takes place. This little bluetooth operated toy is what makes camming such an enjoyable experience and frightfully reinforcing. I have seen many models entering into trance. Good place to work on one’s psyche because they effectively bypass the conscious mind and enter the unconscious where it is possible to overcome phobias, inhibitions, fears and other neurosis that may beset us. This is the kind of writing I tend to focus on on my page. 

“What I Would Do Differently”. Finding our own way through the maze and the jungle is often a taunting task but those who have fortitude, courage and determination will eventually refine themselves and sharpen their game. I like this brief post because it show how we are always a “work in progress” and never to be discouraged but to continue to think about the possibilities and to employ them whenever we feel they may improve our journey.

“Interview: Rosie Hennessy”. Probably one of the most rewarding approaches to coaching comes by way of the interview and helping others to have a voice to share their story. I am looking forward to expanding in this area and am excited about the possibility of providing a good venue for the models to speak about their own unique experiences and what makes camming special for them. I am really jazzed about the potential that Amy now has as she begins to expand in this area. “Keep going girl, you are right on course!”

Here is the link to her index page in Cam Model Counselling that lists all her current material. Amy is posting every Friday and beginning to interview models for their exciting stories and experiences.

Happy to be working with Amy and sharing our ideas on the subject and if you have your own please let us know and we will do our best to provide the content you may be looking for.



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