Shaping One’s World in Cam-alot

Everyone who steps into Camland knows that there is a potential for pleasurable experience. Anyone can enter a live chat sex oriented room freely and stay there for free as long as we like simply watching another person in real time. This is different than watching a video. One enters a living person’s bedroom and begins to experience something. But what? 

We can make generalities about what we may feel when we encounter a pretty lady, a sexy lady, a nymphomaniac, a depraved lady, a diva, mistress, concubine, mother, daughter, sister, wife … the list goes on. All these we encounter. Every conceivable shape, behavior, attitude, in our personalized cyber fantasy land … all for free for the taking. The full range of human being is potentially available to us in these little rooms. Imagine. There is no end to the amount of diversity, exploring, new discoveries, and nuances one can observe, think about and consider when one enters the world of of Cam-alot.

Cam-alot is an addiction. It has to be. It must be. It will be. Once you enter Cam-alot there is no escaping. There simply is no way to get out. The experience is too good. The door gently closes behind you and you are delightfully in there … forever. Sound spooky? Well, it is the same thing with TV and the movies. It is the same thing with theater and opera for many people. Same with music and listening for the latest songs, and shopping for new styles in clothing, cars, decor. The world of sensual experience is here to stay as long as we exist here. So we need to stop feeling so guilty about it and begin to understand more what it is precisely we are doing. Otherwise we become simply lambs to the slaughter. Just like the alcoholic or druggie who spends every last penny to get his fix.

The Hidden Dynamic

So, males know that they can visit females while being stealthily hidden behind a screen … never seen. So if this is you and one of the many who never comes out to say hi, tip or offer a word for whatever reason nobody is here to judge you only to help you stretch and grow out of your shell a little. No doubt that happens each time we enter in one way or another. So I would like to discuss this experience here for a moment and lend some perspectives my readers may find useful.

Taking the Plunge

Quietly looking and observing is an instinctive natural way to begin any hunt for food and nurturing. So in some ways the cam model becomes our prey. But at a certain point along our journey after stalking we must decide to lunge … and take the plunge.

The models often request that visitors say “hi” whenever they enter. All they want us to do is to look at them and hopefully like what we see. Isn’t this something we so crave to do naturally? There is nothing to feel ashamed of or guilty over by just looking. We should look! And, we should look hard and deep. We should look at them, and at ourselves.

Who tells us to be to be afraid and squeemish about looking? Nobody else is afraid that we look. We are afraid that we look. So we need to deal with this fear and to resolve it right here and now. Look at her! Look at her breasts and round plump bottom and say to yourself out loud, “I like this!” “This feel good!” “I would like to stay here for a while feeling good looking at this lady and all her wonderful curves .. her sweet disposition … the way she moves … arches … moans and orgasms.” Who tells you this is wrong … that what you are doing by looking is evil? Does God tell us this who made women and curves and good feeling and orgasms for us to enjoy? Who tells us? There is more right about giving in to this natural core instinct than avoiding it because somebody tells you it’s dirty, it’s porn, it’s sexxx, it’s lewd and whorish. … Nothing could be further from the truth. Whoever tells you that is lying and lives in the guilt and shame they promote because self righteousness loves company and they want us in the same infernal chasm they live in which exhibits more craving than the lovely lady who is contented simply to receive us into her bedroom for free. 

The question now once we are in there for a while is “what to do?”
My answer is … to be a man. Stand up … do what men do. Put the balls on and take the next step in manhood and go through the right of passage to confront one’s demons, and win the battle. That is what men do. But, what is the battle? The battle is for our immortal souls. We know this. Wise men and women make it quite clear that there is a spiritual battle waging continuously for dominance over our soul. Christ asked what might a man do to gain the world and lose his own soul? That quote began the movie “Caligula” by Bob Guccioune the owner of Penthouse Magazine.

Nobody loses their soul by entering a chat room and looking at women clothed or naked. Never happened. Never will. We lose our soul when we come to the place with nothing to give. When as virile men we enter any space only to “get”. This is the ravenous moral space of consuming and lust. That is when we are in danger of losing our soul. And our society has trained us well to consume and lust continuously. We are trained through media “to get”, fostering a emptiness and a lack mentality. It’s a lonely trip being solely in it for the get. Nobody much cares that the “greys” are in the background gawking to get off. The beginning of keeping one’s soul it to decide to get “out” of the bleachers and courageously onto the playing field as a man.

What Real Men Do

“Hello … show me your tits!” is not a man speaking. This is a child or someone with a childish mind. When we decide to get into the playing field with another person we must have four things. We must begin by having a positive attitude, respect and a certain degree of tranquility. This is the foundation for all relationships which are intended to improve. These things in and of themselves are not friendship but the basis upon which friendship may built.

Once this has been established. If a person wishes to build a friendship then it will require some effort. The main characteristics exhibited in friendships are support, tolerance, empathy and patience. After “Hello, I’m Evanu”, no demands should be made. The first thing to do is to offer some support with a token … right? … we go to somebody’s house and we bring something. This shows that someone is respectful and cares. If we have no tokens then need to get some to give.

A Note to the Boy Scouts

If you cannot get some because you are underage then you have no business being here and spending too much time in this venue during this stage of your young life. Yes, it is wrong for you and you ought to feel guilty hiding in your bedroom. It is too soon for you and it will hurt you because you have “nothing to give”. Think about this, teens. You need to be developing yourself for the day you become a man and will have something valuable to offer others. So hanging around chat rooms simply feeds a selfish addiction. This is how one loses one’s soul. Get a real girlfriend and make out. There is no substitute. Nobody is saying get her pregnant. Physical human interaction is what it takes to become a man. This is what needs to precede adulthood for males who are smart, especially the alphas. Porn teaches men how to perform but we need to simply to know how to “be” what we were designed to be.

Morally Speaking

Just a quick word on the idea of “depravity”. Simply stated we must all have our own moral standards for our lives … young and old. This is what we conceive to be the difference between what is right and wrong for us. When we compromise our own standards we begin to decline to lower and lower levels of activity. It becomes clear because this is something we do privately where our character is being formed. We feel ashamed of ourselves and find it hard to talk about to anyone. We often struggle with these things but all the while sinking deeper and deeper into the moral abyss we dig for ourselves justifying ourselves every inch of the way. Finally one day someone enters into a liaison with another to exchange some bodily fluids and then some weeks later is diagnosed with AIDES. Moral depravity takes out thousands. Fentinol in heroin is a good example. The heroin addict needs to get clean. Sinking into lower and lower levels of moral depravity is life threatening. When whole nations become depraved they stop learning how to live in peace with their neighbors and create war. 

The world of porn is replete with example of people whose lives have descended into a state of violence against nature, themselves and others. That is to say these have become depraved human beings. They tear at each other’s bodies, torturing one another and finding new ways to derive pleasure from sadistic activity. This is moral degradation which has been codified and protected under the laws of free speech. Wise people may observe and study it for educational purpose but to get off on it only strengthens one’s own sadistic cravings which are regarded as baser and more animalistic instincts, like what cats do when they catch a mouse and play with it until the poor doomed creature finally gives it all up and drops dead from fear.

Adult Behavior

If one is an adult it is a different story. And there are many reasons why a person may choose to be in a live model’s bedroom. But it is up to us never to lose control and to continuously move in the direction of giving rather than getting.
At a certain point we begin to realize that visiting hundreds of models and tipping wildly is not an option. So we must consider what kind of world we choose to live in. Do we want to diddle with these ladies, poking about … stroking about … a little taste here and a little prick there? How long can that go on? So, at a certain point another realization begins to emerge. The universal question in the adult male psyche … “What are we building?”

We need to build a home. I believe in camland we can build a social structure of friends we admire and support. This, for me, is the only rational way I think for me to approach the venue wisely because it taps into something innately grounded in my male nature. I feel, as most do, an instinctive drive to take care of someone. I am in a relationship with my partner and with many real friends. We take care of each other. So, how should that instinct be enjoyed and show a benefit in cam venue? I cannot say specifically for anyone else but I can for me, that I am considering what models I resonate with the best, and choose to return to honestly and openly support them.

This is a difficult task because it requires a good deal of self reflection to know what motivates us and why. I cannot say for you but I can say, for example, I enjoy meeting people who have, as I mentioned earlier, a positive attitude, respect and tranquility. Being foundational to what I conceive of as “beauty” that is the place I wish to strengthen, support and build in a friendship.

Beware of the depravity in those who have sold their souls in their craving for money and power over men. Their attitude is often negative, they disrespect us and are often chaotic in their behaviors. Know them and what devices they use to pander to the darker cravings which conflict with our natural instincts grieving us to the very core. Giving in to this dimension is a dead end and those who go there will indeed lose their souls. This is nothing new. Depravity is earmarked by those who have nothing to give and are only into their strategies for the “get”.

May the wise build a better world for self and others by being for “giving”. For, in giving there are no laws, rules and protocols we must follow because we connect with others from a heartspace that is natural and quite beautiful. It makes no difference where we do it. It could be at check out counter, or speaking to a customer service representative over the phone, it might be at home with our children or visiting a cam model.

Thank you for visiting my blog and be sure to say hi!

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Now for some cool music. A little track from Nelli that speaks about the savvy some males must have who own their balls in the jungle in which we live.

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