Cam Models and the Truth About Women

Women birth us and they understand us. And we men fall so short of that. Oh, that we only knew what they go through to love us as they do and how much they are willing to give us. Oh, God, how foolish and brutish we are. We treat these lovely creatures like trash. We blame, condemn an misuse them and relegate them to the hardest tasks so foreign to their natures without ever considering their feelings because so often we have none. I am sorry to say that. But, if you asked them they would tell you. We murdered innocent women and their children in Vietnam even after they nurtured us. We were so blinded by the demons of war. We never saw them as human.

Today as I stroll through the land of sex cam I am humbled and settled in the realization of what a precious gift females are to us. The feminine softness never goes away. Oh, we brutalize them and punish them with our coldness and insensitivity. But these no matter how deeply they descend into the place of being closed, disconnected and protective still carry the intense longing for intimacy from anyone who has the key to unlock their hearts.

I speak to many of these ladies and find only love and great patience for us. It is like they have sacrificed themselves opening up for us to see their vagina –that marvelous channel that represents such pleasure for us as well as the soft, human passage way into our very existence. They say “Look! THIS is what you love and hate?” They show us their wide open core, unashamed,  and we call them whores? This shame does not belong to them. It belongs to us. We who are so quick to condemn.

Oh, and we justify ourselves saying, “All she thinks about is money and her vanity. She paints her nails and colors her hair, and her make-up is always perfect.” But what is it that we are truly justifying but our own ignorance? Our female counterpart, it has been shown scientifically, has a much larger channel between the two lobes of her brain. The one lobe which senses and feels her environment, and the other which thinks and communicates analytically. Ours is much smaller. We find it easier to compartmentalize. Because of this wider highway between the two lobes find it easier to express the things they perceive. And, we say they are too emotional. We judge them for feeling things forgetting that when we were infants their sensitivity kept us alive. What a treasure we have before us in the female. No wonder we love them. Why do we hate them so much? Oh, if only we could appreciate it, succor from it and esteem those breasts the way they should be esteemed.

I have visited many women in their bedrooms. Hard to even imagine sometimes. They are comfortable, secure and relaxed. We talk there. I interview them and they quickly receive me with generosity and grace. As soon as I acknowledge them in a manner that supports their feminine characteristics as human beings, you should only know how loved and treasured I am. It is like I have give a cup of cool water to some parched soul who had always hoped a man would one day understand. I think in the lives of a few I may have been the first man to ever acknowledge them as females the way they had always wanted from a man.

They would give us anything. They almost do anyhow. Except there is something they cannot give that we must look for, discover and once we find it we must unlock the door. Only problem is that we do more to lock them up emotionally that to liberate them.

Men, get into the sex cam for a little while. Budget yourself three or four hundred dollars. Make it a little study. Meet these women and feel them. They are more than flesh and blood. Feel them. Get high. Get drunk. Do whatever it takes to relax and meet them. Meet them over and over again until it starts making sense to you, my brothers. You will see everything and nothing will be held back from you in real time. May it humble you as it does me. May it force tears from you eyes as it does mine. May it wrench you heart right out of your ribs and right out in front of our rude raping eyes until we see our own soul through them with horror and disgust for the things we do, and repent of it!

These are your sisters, mothers, wives, daughters, lovers, concubines, mistresses, but mostly they are the heart and soul of mankind. And those who have or want one will learn to honor, respect and praise them for being with us so faithfully along our journey.

Blessings to all of you who read this post. Expect a miracle to support what I have just declared. Then write to me an tell me how you feel. 



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