Sex Cam Models … The New Pinocchio?

“Hey, diddly-dee, an actors life for me!” This was the song and dance the clever Fox sang to the naive, wooden Pinoke as they trotted off to new hot adventures arm in arm.

How many of us have been there, and still are? Nose and ears ever growing with lies to cover up our misdeeds and errant adventures? I have played the part over and over again and how I have managed to survive this far is only by the grace of God. And I know it is the same for many of my readers. But, that said, we still maintain a good degree of wisdom and are apt to learn by our mistakes and chart a better course in fairer waters and calmer seas.

Our dear young Pinocchio had yet to experience any survival issues like paying rent, feeding the kids and having to find a good job and go to work as many do in the world of cam connections. He was in it for the fun and games. The tempting Fox appealed to his sense of enjoyment, careless ease and being cool, none of which he would find in school. And no sooner did he buy it than he himself was sold to Stomboli, the producer/director who would make him a star and a huge success. Only one proviso which needed to be embraced which was his bedroom would be a cage that he would be locked into each night all by himself.

Now let’s take a closer look at the cam model. The great lure for her is that she gets to be her own boss, work securely out of her own bedroom, work under an assumed name to protect her true identity, she can explore her feelings of sexuality while receiving a continuous barrage of vaginal and clitoral stimulation along the way to reinforce her experiences. She gets to be on stage before sometimes hundreds of men and women without having to even see them. She is able to maintain a state of relaxation and tranquility which enables her system to dump copious amounts of dopamine, and other mood enhancing drugs into her bloodstream. She is able to fashion her little bedroom theater to her own designs and come and go whenever she pleases. At the same time she enters a financial realm that is open ended offering her the opportunity to earn high income in short time. So arm-in-arm she gladly dances off with the Fox to eventually find herself completely changed on many levels. This is the reality of anyone who believes that they can circumnavigate this world of sweat and tears riding to success with ease. There is always a price to pay. Those who have wisdom and knowledge know these things. Those who lack keep reading. You may find some answers to some pressing life questions right here.

One of the earmarks of depression is isolation. When we person becomes depressed we tend to want to be alone. Depression often lead of self medicating which sometime, unless corrected, insidiously moves in the direction of addiction and obsession. Once depression and obsession take hold new hormones begin to enter the system which may result in feelings of oppression. Working with inmates we know how these three elements of depression, obsession and oppression are foundational  for ratioanalising moral and ethical shifts in thinking which justifiy certain criminal activities. Most inmates never thought they would ever end up in jail. But, their need to survive and in a manner which seemed easy enough and close at hand presented the overwhelming temptation to give it a try and see if they could score something big enough to pay the rent, feed the kids and maybe have enough left over to buy some better transportation. Eventually, they got better and better at deceiving themselves setting their sights on a life of luxury soon after they had become more acquainted with their new found talent and skill at taking, stealing and deceiving. I counseled many people down for two life sentences who loved sex, pimping, prostitution, drugs and lavish living only to find themselves incarcerated in a state of isolation they never dreamed they would ever find themselves suffering in.

You read this and probably feel that there is a huge difference between the criminal and the cam model. And, I would certainly agree. The thing I see in this venue is the potential for self deception which sets fewer limits opening the door to deeper and deeper levels of moral and physical degeneration where the lines of social decency and personal integrity become blurred, the conscience seared, and depravity with all it’s nuances and trimmings become the rule of the day … and well paid for by those who hunger for such kinds of bizarre sexual fixes. I have known quite a few of these types and non of them were ever truly happy. Most of the them became wretched souls whose faces beneath the cake revealed ugly lines of distrust, suspicion, fear and inaccessibility.

You think I am kidding when I say that this potential has already swallowed up many who have entered her gates, similar to the one Dante spoke of when entering the Inferno. For, certainly the vice produces viciousness and the utter loss of one’s identity in the end. But, this can and does happen in many disciplines beginning with clergy, medicine and law and ending of course among those who love the smell and textures of life in the gutter. So, although the potential exists in the sexual venues it also exists everywhere folly make life choices over wisdom.

The rule I push views  wisdom as love, life and truth supporting and embracing “beauty” as stature, grace and elegance. If a person understand this concept and seeks to make their life beautiful. I believe they will make the right choices and achieve their goal without compromising away their self respect and dignity as human beings, parents, lovers, neighbors and friends. Make it beautiful and put love, life and truth into it.

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