The Social Benefits of Sex Oriented Live Cam Venues

No longer is it necessary for females to engage men physically sexually, as so many have done for so long a time as a last resort to taking care of their kids and paying bills.

The advent of the sex cam venues allows a woman to share what she knows men want and are willing to pay for without having literally to “prostitute” herself, her health, her reputation and her self respect to make end meet.

What is even better is that women can entertain men and make a reasonably good living appealing to an international clientele instead of a local one. There is no need any longer to make porn movies thus entering an industry that many women find quite unsavory and displeasing. What’s even mo betta is that the worm has tuned finally, and instead of sex being about Mr. John being pleased and getting his rocks off, many of these ladies can receive plentiful doses of physical stimulation and pleasure for their services while giving pleasure to their visitors visually in real time. And, they really get into it. They let it all go. Some are fakes for sure, but others are completely their own unique selves. This is a sight to behold when a woman feels safe, secure, relaxed and comfortable and masturbating herself into a zone where she feels delight and pleasure knowing she is being watched avidly by a happy audience she is turning on and delivering herself unedited, unabridged and open. “Oh, but this is a terrible thing!” Some say, “This is “PORN” you shouldn’t be seeing such things; how can you watch this?” My answer, “Easy! And if you knew what was good for you, you would too!”

This is a new experience for everybody. It is kind of amazing, too. I just came out of a room where a lovely lady dressed in a corset and stockings … that’s all … and wearing her little Lush, G-spot friend, was awarded about $60 in tokens in less than five minutes. There are some rich folks sporting around who might drop $5 or $6 thousand in the span of only a few hours on a single lady if they like her. I praise them whenever I see it. Maybe these are famous actors who have millions to share, or Arabs with oil wells. One can only imagine.

In physical private with an escort, say, nobody gets to see, except her, what jerks we are. But in this venue there could be two hundred people in her room watching as the the uncouth communicate with brute force enlightening the rest of us of what men traditionally bring to the table of love. Such folly … it is embarrassing at times. And she doesn’t have to take it. No, not for minute. Both she or one of her knights can mute any visitor at any time. So she may offer her product as modest or vulgar as she chooses for as long as she wishes to whomever she wants. We need to see how ridiculous we become in private. We men need to know what women have been bitching about for ages. We don’t know. We think we know. But when you see what goes on in that chat room because of exposed tits you will know something about the common character of men. The majority are given over to a state we respectfully refer to as “animal”. So yes, we get an education and an understanding. Let the self righteous criticize, they will always do that as we are getting all the wiser.

The diversity available to men begins to manifest aspects of the female that reveal many things about her true nature. She is often kind hearted, caring, accommodating, obedient and oftentimes quite sincere. The opportunity to visit any number of ladies in a single night can be more educational than erotic at times. Whatever a person’s needs may be at the time both for the models and the visitors they will find each other, and in the course of only a few minutes may create a bond based in mutually satisfying exchanges. The female gladly offers her body gladly as she has always done throughout history, and the male offers his support that helps sustain her. She gets to remain safe, secure and protected. Her absolute privacy is assured all the while her privates may be revealed if she wants.

I earnestly feel that the diversity one will find in the live cam venue may have a reversing effect on males who are either addicted to porn or spend a lot more time there than they ought. In porn people will often keyword specific areas of interest, but in the cam venue it’s hit or miss. You can more or less pick specialties but the interactive nature of this venue creates a certain flexibility in the “live” that seems to be missing from the more static movies and videos.   So I think it soon comes about that we stretch a little, as always,  in our encounter with real people and personalities. There is quite a humanizing effect I find in exploring thiseunique, relaxed and often quite creative environment that the cam girls live, work and play in.

More than anything else I think visiting the cam models is an exercise in self discovery. It doesn’t take long before one begins to become more self aware since there is a real live person responding to you rather than just a play button. It is harder to feel self conscious being sequestered in our own private place, so conscious awareness seems to be more available to both the model and her visitors. And, what we are aware of most about ourselves is often quite interesting. For, although the model sometimes takes off her clothing to share herself with us, what is being revealed is more about who we are, I think, than about who she is. And once this is understood, it seems there is a greater potential for who we are to turn around and to shift in some way.

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