Succeeding in Cam Land

Painting by Evanu Rei

Over the decades I have spent as a life coach for sex workers I have learned that the most successful in the long run were those who were spiritually developed and refined human beings. It makes little difference what your occupation is if you truly love your work. And love, in the truest sense is a spiritual reality. You know it … everybody knows it. It is when we compromise our love to meet the demands of basic daily survival that we find ourselves stuck in the mire.

Yes, we can earn a living, and some more than that, who by strategy and cleverness maybe even reach the highest peaks of financial success. But, the power of money without the power of soul is no more than wood, hay and stubble that all burns up in the end. So my work as a life coach is to guide my students through the maze, jungle and the desert to the path that leads to the safety and security in the oasis of freedom and love. For, in the living waters of peace and tranquility one may drink freely and never thirst again. I have the keys to these things because they are a reality in my own life. But, they were a gift to me that freely received. Now I freely give.

The first rule one must remember is that “being” is more valuable than performance. Often I hear “What must I do? … How should I look?” My answer is simply, “Who are you and who do you wish to become?” These questions opens the door to freedom. Those caught up in performance are actors, thespians who often have no idea who they are. Surely, the world rewards some with untold riches but I recall on a mountain one day one spirit tempted another saying, “I will give you everything if you bow down and worship me.” The offer was rejected by the one who would later give sight to the blind, heal the wounded and brokenhearted and there was even accounts that he restored life to some who had died. You know who I am talking about. If you are at a crossroad in your life where there is nothing left for you but to sell your body, know that I am not here to judge or condemn you but to show you the way to become more than a success; a vibrant, healthy and quite happy human being. If being a sex worker is something you feel you would love to do then let us begin by talking about love.

Love is the key to everything. One cam model told me she loved her kids so much and that was why she was doing this work because she needed the money and needed to take care of them. My coaching focused on helping her not only to love her children but to love herself, and then to love those who visited her. Love is more than a feeling it is a lifestyle and a way of being that colors everything in a person’s life from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep. Love is the key that opens the door to transformation and renewing of both mind and spirit.

It is often said that we should love our work. But, love is one of those vague terms everybody knows, but do we … really? There are so many variations to its meaning and the semantics associated with the word. I have thought about this word for many years and have come up with a simple paradigm that answers my questions about what it truly is and means for me. It may be different for you, but hear me out. Maybe there is something in my definition that you might find enlightening.

Love is four things to me; each found in the acrostic; L.O.V.E. We begin with Life. For, only with life can there be love. Order. For, order is the manifestation of love in the material and spiritual universe. Voice. For, voice is found in the individual uniqueness of every living soul. And, Empathy. For, empathy is the heart and soul of love through which the seeds of compassion may be born in you and me, together as one. So these four: life, order, voice and empathy comprise the essence of something even greater which is a mystical composite and confluence of  love, life and truth. The oneness of love, life and truth for me is Supreme Being. Beyond that there is nothing more I seek. I think Dante knew something about this. 

Any person who then seeks to find love in their life is on the road to great health, abundance and happiness. It is a wonderful thing to have an occupation through with to practice love. We are going to put love into our work and see what comes out. First, we must put in “life”. This the spirit. Life is a dimension which manifests a spiritual reality that no one can create except you through and in yourself and in your truth. Life in us is our creative potential for insurmountable excellence and depth. But we must grapple with this reality within ourselves to find it. For, the kingdom of these riches is within us. Our biological reality is the temple.  Our life is our own unique treasure capable of generating the same in others. Think about this and perhaps how and why we are all here. Let me know what you come up with.

Then we must apply order. What is love without order but a fickle and fanciful emotion which often leaves us more disappointed that fulfilled? But, with order our life force places us on a fascinating journey and equips us to set priorities, limits, and values which will create stability for our lives so we might establish a suitable venue for our voice.  Most people have vocal chords but they have very little voice. Voice is the character of one’s life, order and structures which makes us unique and quite unlike anyone else. Most people are quite afraid to have their own voice, I find. We feel we must look, act and sound like someone else in order to be accepted. This is the herding instinct.  How sad to limit oneself to this tendency. Only through voice can a person come to pouring out the precious gifts we have been given as living souls ordered to our own unique perfection and without even having to labor and struggle, for it is quite natural to all of us if only we can recognize it and let our voices be heard.

But these things as profound and wonderful as they may be without empathy are no more than empty shells lying on a beautiful beach. Empathy is the tapestry we weave in our lives and in the lives of all those we meet which is pictured though acceptance, mutuality, respect, tolerance and compassion. The picture of empathy delights the soul and senses and when combined with life, order and voice produces miracles every single day. This love calls upon both our Deity and the Universe to witness our reality in a dynamic and supporting manner. It is through this love that blessings begin to flow mightily through us and to others enriching our lives and satisfying every desire. It is the salve that heals and the joy of feeling our pleasures in the natural state in which they were created to support and strengthen us. This love moves higher and higher toward the Sublime One who first knew us even before we knew ourselves.

Apply this teaching to being a Live Sex Cam Model and enjoy every second of your life and work. Surely the rewards will follow. 

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