“You Want to Put it Where?”

Most people love roses. And rosebuds are always a curiosity as people anticipate the glory of that little gem when it opens. … What is it about the anus that has such a captivating lure over both men and women? Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this. What’s really going on down there for so many people these days?

A Little Background

The Seed and the Egg

The genitals are essentially reproductive organs whose natural pleasures are intended to connect male and female for the propagating our species. The nearby anus is naturally and instinctively restricted during sex since that orifice is for defecating. Yet, we are curious, love to break the rules and for certain perhaps hidden reasons feel the need to explore what has eternally been considered a highly restricted area during sexual activity. For indeed, the anus by all social standards along with the genitals is the most hidden and protected place on a person’s body.

The buttocks are naturally attractive to the male who loves entering the female from behind. The visuals are pretty nice. It is natural to feel arousal by her soft, round and sultry globes especially when they are large and healthy looking. Those larger and hippy characteristics communicate a natural preference to male instinct over the slender types who may be more apt to experience difficulty during childbirth.

During human evolution the male’s excitement, attraction and pleasure in orgasm during intercourse became a powerful instinct. The ensuing offspring would require nurturing, protection and years of training until the offspring reached adulthood. Sometimes the young adult would remain in positive supportive unity with the parents and siblings to the forming of a productive and thriving family. And, other times there would be breakdowns and the unity would be broken between parents, offspring and sometimes siblings. Whatever happened the instinct for vaginal copulation is unique and primary in all tribes and cultures.

Anal intercourse, whether by accident or intent, may also produce excitement and pleasure through orgasm coupled with feelings of dominating and subjugating, or simply using the channel for furthering arousal through physical contact and masturbatory stimulation. Entering a female in this orifice, however, in no way results in pregnancy and offspring. The foul presence of fecal matter warns our natural instincts that dangerous pathogens exist there. “Kakos” … “bad” … thus, the prefix “ca” used in many words.

Although the body has immunity mechanisms to protect us from many diseases, taxing this system can be lethal to self and others. Understandably, the taboos of engaging in anal intercourse are long standing traditions throughout human history.

Although one may draw these obvious conclusions regarding anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse being the primary and natural instinct also produces a potential for disease and death. Birthing a newborn can be fatal for the mother. The pain associated with the loss of life has resulted in traditions which have sought to prevent pregnancy and disease. Sometimes disease has occurred after copulating with other females who have already been copulated with by other males. This is called adultery which is essentially to make “unclean” as in “to adulterate”.

Some traditions suggest abstinence and sexual disconnection between males and females, and certain cults demand it. This disconnection has proven to have emotional effects for both females and males. We simply need to touch each other frequently to maintain the bonds of friendship, unity and mutual cooperation. Explore “Narcissus and Goldmound” by Herman Hesse for more on this.

So, with better hygiene we can experience pleasure and avoid the danger of diseases like AIDS, STD’s and their cousins. Remember, it takes only one event to ruin a life. Sex is here to stay but nothing to fool or diddle with no matter how the media displays it. It can be quite healthy and there is no reason why the wise and mature should avoid or negate it. Using some basic common sense, self discipline and a little patience we can live long, happy and prosperous lives growing in our core values and learning how to give tender love and kind affection to others.

“Gawd … I hate enemas!!”

Similarly, the erotic pleasure of seeing and touching the females buttocks and anus may occur during a cleansing process even though there is no primary sexual intercourse. The idea of cleansing coupled with the symbolism of intercourse now utilizes the human capacity for intellectual reasoning and associates this faculty with the sexual act forming feelings which we commonly regard as erotic. Cleansing one another in loving ways produces pleasure, satisfaction, bonding, positive reinforcement and excitement.

So, “clean” is the rule of the day when it comes to sex in any form even with oneself. Where the cleansing takes the form of surface washing by hand with water, oils and other often herbal solutions which purify, the idea of foreplay may increase anticipation. Cleansing has come to be regarded as pleasurable when focused in the erogenous area of the human body stimulating the instincts and mechanisms for pleasure. When cleansing the genitals and anus is internal by inserting a tube to introduce liquids, the act of penis entering vagina, giving and receiving ejaculation may be symbolized as primary natural sensations and can be quite arousing and stimulating.

Erotic activity generates feelings on a higher intellectual level. But this is secondary and must be developed and refined in order to be enjoyed. Animals have no such instinct or intellect lacking the higher faculties needed. And this is why they are “brute” and we are “human”. Whenever we lose sight of this distinction to descend into being brutish, especially when it comes to sex, depravity has begun.

Where the erotic pleasure of seeing the females buttocks and anus naturally exist drawing the male to copulation, and where the openness and willingness of the female to receive the male promotes a sense of ease, relaxation and tranquility sexual pleasure is likely. Where the female, and indeed the male, is closed and unwilling there can be no natural sexual pleasure occurring. This is where abuse exists. Should the male in any way force the female beyond her consent then resistance, pain, stress and disease often occur as a result.

I’ve done it. We’ve all done it in certain ways … push hoping to be received only to cause discomfort. How many times my selfishness overrode my partner’s discomfort thinking she would get used to it in many areas of human intercourse. This was brutish of me. It was my mistake and I truly repent of being in such a mind that I might overlook anyone’s feelings. I pray to never ever to enter such a space with any living creature ever again.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you have gained a little food for thought. I certainly look forward to hearing your feedback.



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