Cam Models and Compromise

When it comes to survival and money there is no limit to what a person will compromise away to achieve their goals; sometimes everything.

Live Sex Cam Models and their visitors spend countless hours entertaining each other and as most females will agree the models often compromise something deeply rooted in their gender and natural core instincts in order to accommodate most of their visitor’s needs and desires. This is the sad reality of a sex worker’s life.

Understanding that in those few moments in her bedroom something is taking place that is much different than what, in most cases I think, she truly wishes would happen. And that is, to give and receive what she knows in her heart of hearts feels more natural to her deeply rooted feelings, beliefs and behaviors common to most females. The wise, mature and discerning male visitor understands this and may be more apt to lead her to a place where she can feel more comfortable being in that natural instinctual space with him in partnership, if ever for a few brief moments. It is liberating and so pleasant for them.

Those who make sex their occupation are often looked at with criticism and disdain. “How could you?” is often the response by other females. And, nobler men whose hearts are seasoned in life may feel a certain gratitude, privilege and honor in the presence of their counterparts whom they appreciate for their ability and willingness to teach us how to feel tenderly, to understand nurturing, knowing that they would give us anything and everything for a few minutes of kindness and love. All to often we males compromise our own dignity and self respect just to grab and grope. I am ashamed to say at times I have offended in this way.

Harsh criticism comes easily to sex workers because the physical hazards are often great, but more often the immediate emotional and psychological damage which occurs in the soul of someone who must shut down for the sake of avoiding trauma, instead of opening up to receive her lover … this is the pain one suffers even when they say they love it. No, they do not love it, they submit to it to survive in a hard world, sometimes for just one more day. Sexual addiction as well is no answer because that simply is not love. Love is life, order, voice and empathy, as I understand.

When anyone hardens themselves in the course of repeatedly compromising core values for gain is it not true that the most basic instincts are challenged on some level? Consider the artists who refuses to sell their work. I have known a few who felt that compromising their work and talent was so wrong for them they ended up working two and three jobs just to survive. But selling our body for a few pennies. And what if we succeed in earning a great number of pennies, hundreds of thousands of pennies. Then what? What happens to the human soul when you sell it for one penny or a million? The same is true for anything I think, especially things like ministry, medicine and law. I like to think about Mahatma Gandhi sometimes who sold nothing and liberated a whole nation, or Martin Luther King who likewise a whole race in America.

What happens to females whose very nature seeks the safety and security of loving and soft caresses and slow completely absorbing embraces which communicate “I love you so much with my whole heart and soul”? What happens when a man enters the room and says, “Take off all your clothes. I am going to fuck you”. How does she feel when he grabs her, turns her around pushing her over something, and then enters her forcefully and keeps pushing until she begins crying and writhing under his repeated, hurried and violent ramming? What has she compromised for another bowl of rice, or some fine china for her penthouse apartment? Is there no mercy? Is there no pity?

Never tell me she loves abuse. Never want to hear it. Never suggest to honor  brutality because either she or someone else says “she loves sex”. Those who believe this lie are building up for themselves a karma I dread to think about. I have all too often seen the results of such ignorance. Just recently a double suicide in my own neighborhood by two young people, one of whom I knew.

There is no way to escape the conscience. We can distort it so that it no longer warns us when we break certain moral principles. But, we have a wonderful little radar system naturally designed to warn us and keep us safe, but when corrupted its signals can cause our journey to end abruptly in a serious crash.

Too often we compromise our consciences, our bodies, our hearts and our souls for what … deep resentment, numbness, STD’s, fear and anxiety, trust, misanthropy, radical feminism, revenge, hatred and death? We live in these things. They are present and continually around us. We were meant to live with higher values and standards for our lives that love might be the light for our paths, and kindness, mercy and trust may be the road under our feet, and truth may be the arrow which passes through the narrow way, and health our bright shining gem, and joy the experience at the summit of the mountain we struggle so ardently to climb where the air is fresh and cool and the view … spellbinding.

Consider this in the private room … that she is your mother, your sister, your daughter, your lover, your wife, your concubine, if you will. The very, very last thing she ever wants and hopes to be is your object to be used and discarded like and old shoe. Refuse to think of her as a whore even if that is what she thinks of herself. Watch how common, vulgar and sadistic men become so released in their cowardice when they are in private places. Such a revelation of a depraved character.

No wonder we are so often hated. Yet, in those same chat rooms we have the ability in a short time to make a friend, comfort a living soul, touch a heart, hold a wounded hand, calm a saddened spirit, embrace a lovely child, and leave a blessing that will endure the test of time. This we all can do. Would you give this a try, dear brother and sister? Would you honor her just a little? Then enjoy what she gives you. Take your refreshment in a smile. Let her hold you and draw you to her breasts where the sweetest milk is meant to provide nurturing for new life and growth. I believe we can grow here. There is much room for pleasure, but a higher and more fulfilling pleasure. For, it is the pleasure of kings and nobles to give of their wealth, and to ennoble others. I hope you and I can know it and become in the exchange the better for it.

Thank you for your visit. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.



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