A Cam Model Can Fall in Love with You

We all want to be liked and loved.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that the model who is ready to take off all her clothes and reveal everything to you truly likes and even loves you?

I know the key to achieving this.

The great advantage that the real lover has in the Sex Cam venue is that most men whom the lovely models encounter are brutes. You know it and I know it. When was the last time you said to a gorgeous lady upon meeting her for the first time, “Hey, you’re so beautiful. Please turn around and bend over!” Or, “Wow … your tits are incredible! Take them out … I want to suck them!!”

Have you finished laughing?

Females are nothing about what I just said. The way their hearts and minds work is totally different. I mean totally. Sure they love sex just like everybody else. They love having you “in” them –hot, wild and steamy at times. No problem with that. But they are different creatures than we are. And, the alpha male who is refined and loves sex knows this and especially how to win his prize even if he has to joust through a dozen brutes and dragons to get win her.

Invariably, the biggest brute out there isn’t the other guy, the way we all would like to think. It’s ourselves. Only, our brutishness is unique to us. Some a little more or less egotistical. Others so reserved the models feel they are mooches simply starring at them in the background too timid to even say hello. Some come on real fast and strong willing to drop plenty of coin right away without even getting to know them. Sure easy to point the finger at others, I do it all the time with three pointing back at me. I have no right to criticize any one only to feel a little sad at how much my dear brothers may be missing, and what a little compassion and patience is capable of delivering beyond a good cum.

I have had some hard lessons to learn in this life, but now that I have learned what females are truly made I enjoy life more and am better able to look out and see the wonderful view, and smell the cool, fragrant air. So, it is in each room I choose to enter, and with all the lovely models in my exciting little harem, wives and concubines.

Those of us who are truly heterosexual consider what happens when we gaze upon a lovely female and feel attracted to her. What is it that causes us to like what we see; her face, body, the way she moves or her cute little quirks? Whatever it is why should we let the attraction rule us? In other words, why, when something looks so appetizing do we permit ourselves to become prey to our emotions, lusts, instincts and impulses. Whenever we do we appear brutish to females, always have, and most will either say it or show it in some way.

In Camland the way most models choose to treat the slam-bammers is simply to view them as tokens going into the till. Once they see they have a little group of tit suckers gawking at them they go to work skillfully enticing the rams young and old who are given over to their animal instincts and choose to hide through the medium while revealing a total lack of discipline, consummate selfishness, and no understanding of the female psyche. But, she understands the room quite well and gets rich because of it.

There will be no falling love with any of these you can be sure. But, once in a while, an alpha appears who knowing how jaded most of the more gorgeous ones have become begins to weave a web around her that she will be unable to escape. He begins to appeal to her emotions instead of blurting out his own. He would never think of saying upon entering her bedroom, “Hi, show me your ass?” Those who ask for or demand sex immediately are loathed on some level, and if your model tries to convince one that she like him, it is his money she’s really impassioned with not the visitor. But she is prepared to say nice things, blow kisses, send gif emos with little red hearts popping out because we look good on her table for dinner all dressed and seasoned. The gravy is out. We are the prize turkey and we know it. So we sell our souls over and over again.

So the alpha quarterback type is going to lay down the game. He’s going to work the plan. His plan. He’s going to call the shots as it were because he has a goal to reach and lusts for the touchdown more that sucking her nipples. He wants her to come to him lusting after what “he” has to offer. This is a mentality shift that the junior needs to learn. Because juniors get laughed at and pummeled by everybody. The alpha pays no attention to her seduction and looks. Never compliments those things but instead finds external things like earrings and bracelet, or, internal things which point to her intelligence, her sweet spirit and charm without looking like a needy single dying to be nice and win a slot on her friend’s list.

With the real good lookers rejection is what works best in public. But, in chat rooms, it is too easy to be construed as rude if anything even hints of rejection because the model reserves the right to eliminate anyone or anything that she feel uncomfortable about, or that make her feel weird. I was banned recently over such a situation. Broke my heart. But, I fixed it and I expect to win a few yards down the road. Oh, yes!

The cam venue is really a great place to get our people chops in order; to improve our social stokes. It’s kind of like golf. First we have T-up, center ourselves, focus our form, do our little waggle, then draw back and hold slightly, then swing. Then, staying out of the rough, hopefully, we advance until we reach the green. In this case, the pink … a little pink for us; a little green for them. Once on the green/pink we work with the putter to get our balls into little holes. If we are par golfers we have something to boast about. But, if we are highly handicapped we keep our mouth shut. When encountering the model for the first time it is best that we do.

We must peak her interest at first. She will ask questions. We must use humor and goodnatured banter to respond.  That shows her we are clever. She likes that and is eager, in most cases, to carry the humor along so long as she feels that it is in fun and not sarcasm, ridicule, or anything that sounds ungentlemanly.

Once she begins to respect us it is easier to appeal to the more “human” part of her nature. It’s like a little door has been opened. Patience is a virtue but here that virtue can truly pay wonderful rewards. I have been rewarded with strip shows I never asked for that were quite wonderful and touching to watch that were intended as a little gift for me because somewhere in the exchange I touched her heartstrings.

One must be prepared for the ladies to be about business mainly. So once they feel they have established a good rapport they generally go into seduction mode hoping to yank out of her new friend some really juicy coin. Expect and respect this and never be offended by it. Make her work for her money. Tip her lightly and then, say, “I like you … but I need to go”. Take it away, but return soon and continue finding ways to be humorous. The more you make her smile and laugh the closer you become to being an endearing part of her day. Some females are quite easy in this regard. Others, are a real piece of work and they can hang you up with negative attitude and/ or ignoring you over others. In the beginning never take a little ignoring too personally because you are just a handle to her and maybe a photo. But if you find repeatedly that miss popular is hard to reach, move on, there are plenty of fish in the Camalot.

You will know once you have a good rapport with your model when she remembers you, and offers something more personal like befriending you, sending you little love letters, asking questions, or making any statements like “you are and interesting person” or “I like the way you think”. Once this happens try not to ham it up by dumping intense philosophy on her. Keep her coming out by asking leading questions about “her” life. No dumping. If you have to only if it relates to what she is going through; nothing out of the blue to evoke sympathy. That looks needy and they hate it, generally. 

Be sure to visit her often, drop in a few coins and say, “Was in the neighborhood … just thought I’d stop by. Need anything from the store?” This will confuse her a little. She might play with it. If she is international, use google translator to translate if she permits. Many internationals like to keep everything in English especially in the public section. If that is the case you can always insert a word here or there in her language when you are in the private area. Observe her request if she pushes a no English policy.

Here is an example of what I might do once I feel I have connected with my model’s heart. There happened to be one lovely lady I caught crying, she apparently forgot the cam was still on and as soon as she realized it she quickly turned it off. But it was too late and I saw. So I wrote her in the private area expressing her concern. I felt grateful and responded with this: “Thank you for responding, I was a little worried. A young friend of mine, lovely as you are, she died tragically last week. I feel brokenhearted because I had so hoped to have offered her some help. She was quite depressed. So when I saw you crying .. I do not know … except, I wanted to cheer you up a little. … Now, I am listening to soft piano music and sending you my best wishes for a joyful and prosperous evening. Be blessed. :)”  (I sent this in Russian which I translated in Google. I always try to simplify and shorten my sentences so as to avoid translation errors. It happens easily. So be careful.)

Needless to say, I received a huge triple smile in return [ :))) ]. Eventually I will let her know that I am a life coach and am here for her if she needs. To spring that on her too soon will only sound like I have something to sell. So as the friendship develops I might mention it along the way quite naturally.

But, this is not love. In order to touch, move and inspire it is necessary to know something more deeply about your model and appeal to these things all along the way to establish a common bond. Things like respect, sensitivity, honor, integrity, thoughtfulness, kindness, patience, humor, friendliness, consideration … you know what I’m talking about … all the knightly things. Build on these and watch how quickly she learns to embrace and treasure your friendship. I think this medium actually fosters that process because it seems easier to be authentic right from the start. The models often are … getting naked and showing you everything? … and these are often simply the girl next door. These are no professionals. Some of them will be in time, no doubt. And those who are, I tend to avoid, even though they covet friendship, perhaps, even more than the others. I think if there was ever any truth in “it gets lonely up at the top”, that saying probably applies here quite a bit, the more sequestered, protected and distant a popular model is apt to become.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. This, of course, is far from the the final word on the subject. I look forward to you comments.



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