Live Cam Models vs. Club Strippers

The real and virtual world offer many parallels especially in the area of sexual and erotic entertainment. But, how does the Live Sex Cam Model compare to the Live Strip Club Model?

Perhaps the best way to begin is by describing some things I learned about the exotic club dancers I learned some years ago at the Centerfold in San Francisco.

After my divorce and desperately in need of feminine touch I decided to visit a club where I might enjoy a few hours of adult entertainment and being around some of the worlds most luscious and desirable women. I visited a total of about five or six times during the course of the ensuing two years. I had wonderful encounters with a few of the models and even some psychological breakthroughs, I might add, that I will describe more fully later.

What I found is that the ladies I had seen fell into three distinct categories: the exploiters, the exhibitionists, and the shamans. The exploiters hated men and found a lucrative way to get even. The exhibitionists love showing themselves and receiving everybody’s praises, and the gurus were in it for deeply artistic reasons often in a trance state as they danced channeling higher energies or simply giving it up to God. These were much less concerned with what was going on around them and seemed to be almost completely centered and focused within themselves.

Based on these distinctions in a short time I was better able to read and understand the ladies when they purred around inviting me into the booth for special services. I must say these were delightful times which appealed greatly to my deeper instinctual sense of male core sexual values, but at the same time viewing the whole environment with a little old fashioned street savvy. I could write a length on what I learned there. But, one thing among the ladies was almost unanimously certain. That is, as soon as you begin laying money on the platform and begin to submit yourself to their services they begin to objectify us as much as we might them seeing us to some degree depersonalized and more as a potentially loyal customer base.

Another who has written on the subject interestingly noted that if you had any intention of dating one of those strippers your approach from the moment you entered had to be different. I love what he had to say. He said that the visitor should avoid all expressions of excitement, remain quite cool and calm and state quietly when approached for a “date” in the private booth if in fact she might like a good foot rub. She now begins to view you s a friend and as someone different, that toucher her on some level … makes her curious. Being less engaged in satisfying a sexual need to offering “her” a service … well … if there is any way to speak to the female heart you just did. And, if the rub were good enough she might end up wanting to pay you. Imagine!

Hard and fast rules, and generalities about the strip club venue should be avoided. After all, these ladies are just people same as you. Who knows all there reasons they have chosen their occupation and what it may lead to for them. We all want to make a living, do well and live happy lives and might just take a person such as you and I to really make a difference in their lives. I think that is ultimately I approached those ladies at the Centerfold and how I do in the Live Sex Cam venue. I guess in both places at a certain point after the thrill passes I stop looking so much at the bodies and more at the person. You know … I think on some level we all do. Certainly I am captivated by the curves and their often generous willingness to break all holds over them to satisfy the needs and requests of their viewers.

Things are a little different in the Cam mode but how so. You can get right up there pretty close and personal. Hey I never met Rumi or Kahil Gibran, but their words easily touch the human spirit. Maybe that is what the cam venue is about on some level. How do we share our truth? The models certainly do in so many ways. But how do we through a venue that affords us the ability to actually turn them on with a token gift. I never saw an exotic dancer have an orgasm on stage. But, I have seen many in the cam venue right before my very eyes. What an honor and privilege to be present to such vulnerability and truth. Who can say? Sure there are many actor who fake it, but I think you tell if you are really looking hard who the real ones are. And whenever I see this how can I say this is something evil or immoral, but I honor the Creator who gave us such a wonderful gift and praise the One who teaches us to share that gift with others.

In civilized societies the consensus has always been that women who use their sexuality to lure men into dens of iniquity to exchange with them has often resulted in their demise. The great philosophies have warned of our weakness and tendency to forsake things of much greater value for the love of a woman, if even momentarily. These warnings are based in human experience and history. So the wise and prudent male will discipline himself around females of this ilk and maintain self control at all times. Yet, in the camland there are many models who march to a different drummer. They are aware that men like them, it’s only natural and they like us to. Sometimes I have found that sex is not the main feature but simply meeting people in quite the most modest fashion. Some of the beauties I have seen I’d almost wished they kept their clothing on rather than to try to lure me in further. Some did just that typing away multi-tasking with twenty visitors at a time. Others were quite pleased to send out a little tease in hopes of luring the lamb to the slaughter of the private room. 

There is a Latina Cam girl I happened upon. She was nothing special. Just and ordinary girl, probable a little Mayan in there. She was 21. And I almost exited immediately upon entering, but I decided to wait a few moments and observe. The young lady began to sing in the sweetest and most delightful way to the music in the background she was listening to. Before too long I was amazed and actually moved to tears. So much love was pouring out of her to quietly sing her little songs. Even now as I recall I can feel her tender spirit. I looked again into her face and I no lover saw a Live Sex Cam Girl … what I way was and angel. And, her power was to so sublimely profound it centered me and settled my spirit like David did for Saul in his desert tent so often.

There are so many other nuances in the cam land that are so unique to the venue, I could go on and on. I’d hate to bore you because I know that my readers can certainly add to these insights and I sure hope you will.

Would love to hear your perspective on this. Thank you for visiting my blog. Be well.



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