Beauty and the Cam Girl

“Hi @Visitor come into my space and stay little while. I am so pleased to see you. Make yourself at home.”

Whether you are new or old in the live sex cam venue these ideas are sure to improve your business?

I have been a life coach to sex workers for quite some time and have gained some good insights, I feel, into business and life I think you might enjoy reading and benefit from both for business and pleasure.

One time I asked a hair dresser who posed for a special pictorial edition  for Playboy how she liked the modeling business. She said … “It gets ugly at times”. Then she went on to describe her feelings with many interesting details. I got so caught up in her stories I never thought to ask her, “Well … what could make it more beautiful for you?”

That is the question I will ask you. “What will make the live sex cam experience beautiful for you?” I am not a cam model, nevertheless, I speak to you as a wise and clever visitor and life coach who has learn many things that have profited me greatly and will any one who wishes to succeed.

I have a few paradigms that I am sharing in “The Beautiful People Project”. This project balances what media says is beautiful with what the human heart knows is beautiful. If you wish I can talk about make-up, ambiance and setting, acting, lighting, hair, skin, voice, movement, dance, music and many external things. These externals often express something of the deeper and truer internal nature of a person. Our feeling come from our experiences in the real and physical world.  But what is really going on in our inner world? That is the topic I am sure everybody can relate to but few actually ever figure out. 


Before we get into beauty, love, stability, and success let’s first take a closer look at the idea  of “image” because most of the Judeo-Christian religions we were born into have many conflicting philosophies concerning images. Some equate images with idolatry, others welcome them and even promote and sell them. Often these attitudes encompass graphic, film and video.

Here’s basically how the history falls out on images. Verboten. The Judeo-Christian realm has ancient writing where Yahweh, the Israelites deity, speaking through Moses, forbids them from making images, likeness and idols, and forbid them from worshiping any of these things, implying that’s their neighbors might like to share  a few with them. Moses had just rescued the entire nation from Egypt where idols and images were all over. He then killed of half his own people he found worshiping a golden calf upon his return from the mountain with the ten commandments. these people had lived four hundred years in Egypt where their written language,  hieroglyphics, is totally about images. But, Yahweh wanted the Israelites to be different because he/she was different than frogs, snakes and falcons, and wished to be represented and worshiped in a unique sort of way.

So what does this have to do with images and media now thirty-five hundred years later? For one thing the effect that images have on the brain is always the same. What happens to people psychologically who serve images and idols is pretty much the same. It is said, eventually you become “like” those idols. That is certainly true today. Look at all the clones running around. Images can effect human emotions the same as they did then. Our sense of well being is often associated with self-image, especially the one we use on our profile picture, or the “selfies” we publish on social media. Our image is something we might use to influence other people. They did that back then, too. We use the image to make a living and pay bills, similar to what the image makers did in Moses’ day. We love and serve our image and idols today with as much heart, soul and passion as they then, maybe even more since there are so many more images now.

But, no one is going to tell you that you are right or wrong when it comes to images and idols. That is the first thing you must decide for yourself. If you fail to make that decision the image will make it for you, and you may find yourself being controlled by the image in the same condition of utter bondage and slavery as the Israelites found themselves in Egypt. Things got so bad for them that they needed a great general, like Moses, with a good staff that could part seas. So, Moses rescued them from the brutal life and conditions they lived in while in bondage and brought them to the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey, as the story goes.

Respect Yourself and Set Your Own Limits.

Once you have decided what is right or wrong about image, then you will proceed to the next level of success in your endeavor as a live sex cam girl. But what if you say, “I’m not sure what is right or wrong for me as a live sex cam girl?”

If a person is uncertain about the difference between right and wrong about anything, and enters, we are soon to find out. Because this medium is so powerful it is better to find out early. It may appear relatively calm at first but later on things begin to change on many different levels. Take your boyfriend, for example. Where does his head go when he knows thousands of men are looking at your vagina? Will you find the pleasure you always craved for by yourself alone and only from a little pink toy tucked in there night after night? How about all the great money? What does That do to your head? Total independence, no boss, no schedule, no having to answer to anybody, make your own rules, work when you want to, more and more it’s all about you, men start appearing as such jerks. Sounds great. No brainer. I can do this. I think.

In the “live sex” realm there are practices which involve many positive and negative things, some of which can greatly benefit a person’s life, or ruin it.

You must know what is right and wrong in order to set the proper limits for your life, growth and progress. And you must stick to them. I remember a cam girl whose videos were being circulated. She was quite attractive blonde from the Netherlands who had been modeled for about ten years, and who never once revealed her nipples or vagina. Needless to say her patrons often lost patience with her after years of visiting and thousands of dollars. They felt she owed them “more”. They wanted to consume her hole (no pun intended) and they were never satisfied. Oh, they argued with her and really dissed her at times.  But, she never gave in to their tortured demands to show herself completely naked. Was that right or wrong?

For her it was right. For a few of her patrons it was terribly wrong. She was unable to please everybody. But who can? Can you? Can I? She pleased many, many people being exactly who she was and that needed to be enough. But everybody gets a little greedy once in a while. We all must watch that greed factor. Greed is a kind of glee for gain, especially when the gold is easy to dig and carry off in huge crates. … So, the media had no control over her. She was in control of her own life. Certainly she could have made a great deal more money if she had shown everything. But for her, she learned to be satisfied with the proceeds which came from what she was able to give wholeheartedly. You know what I am saying is the truth. Contentment. And, I suspect you esteem her the same as I do.

“You are beautiful but extremely boring bby sorry bye bye”

Saw this just tonight. It was sent to one of my cam friends. I felt for her. Once a person has decided the reasons why they are in the sex cam venue and what their limits are statements such as this one are bound to come, but pay little attention to them unless you feel they relate to areas you are looking to develop … even then, take them with a grain of salt, as it were. Ultimately, you get to decide who and what you are. But … remain open to the criticism and eventually you will find your own way and what is right for you.

Discouragement is a powerful tool in the devil’s bag of tricks, some say one of the most powerful. Never let it carry you off too far. So, here is my paradigm for success. It takes three inner things and three outer things. (And the Lovense would naturally be associated with the first.) 

Success Paradigm

The inner things are: motivation, training and counsel. Without these three things one never quite gets off the runway. The more motivated a person is the more likely that person will seek out training and be open to counsel from those who have already succeeded. Those who think they can reinvent what it is they are undertaking will soon learn that there is a shortcut to getting to a desired destination. But there is also the long road. Know which one you are on. I know this first hand because when I was younger I was somewhat rebellious and wanting to do things my way. My stubborn sense of autonomy caused me to “spin my wheels” and go nowhere for longer than I would have liked. When I decided to get the training and counsel I needed for my desired goal within a short period of time I became financially independent because of it.

The outer things in the paradigm are our personal characteristics that appear to others. They are the ones that touch, move and inspire the people around us. These are: personal integrity, strength of character and the will to succeed. People know when they see these things and they tend to admire you when they do.

These have to do with your look and style, your own well defined moral and ethical code you live by, and your willingness to hang in there until you have achieved your goals. Sound simple? The first item on the list “motivation” is the key to all the others because the more motivated a person is the more she will exhibit the other more noticeable characteristics.

Being truly among “The Beautiful People”

There are clubs in and about San Francisco, where I used to live, where “The Beautiful People” would meet. One day I realized why they were. I understood what made them beautiful. For me, before I see “beauty” three things which must be present: stature, grace and elegance. When “strength” combines with “friendly”, elegance begins to emerge. Without stature, grace and elegance things begin to appear cheap, vulgar and worthless and what on the surface is so admired and desired soon disappears. But that which is noble lasts a long time and in some cases … forever. To me love, in its truest form is noble and can last forever.

So What is Love?

Everybody uses the word. It is so common. I see love as something uncommon. Same as beauty, I have separated out the common ideas associated with love to search out and find from and now recognize the deeper meaning which writers, artist, lovers, gurus, virtuosos and many others have found to be the higher values and ideals of true and real love.

Love for me is Life, Order, Voice .. Empathy. When these four things are present I feel love and I open. When these four things are absent I feel hatred and I close. I had a drill sergeant in basic training when I was on my way to Viet Nam who used to scream at us. I never doubted once his love for all of us. He had all those things. Just for clarification; “voice” rathr than the sound, is what it is about you that makes you unique and special. Now love your work, put a little life force into it, make it uniquely you, and be as empathic as you can. Start out with my paradigm and reinvent it to make it your own. Isn’t that what love should turn out to be?

As far as the psychology of developing your trade let me leave you with this little gem. … Some years ago I learned how to make a large rock stand erect on a tiny point. Once I had achieved this I found that the rock was stable. I discovered the law of stability. The cool thing now is that I can apply it anywhere, even in relationships virtual and real. Here are three things my experience has taught me about “stability. Stability requires feel, balance and knowing “when” to let go. … My hands hold and adjust the heavy rock to find the balance. Once I sense that the rock is balancing the way I want, I ease up just a little and when I can feel how settled the rock is and things seem to stay that is “when” I let go and the rock stands. In life, knowing “when” is critical to stability, for if we let go too soon things collapse, if too late we held on too long, got disgusted and the thing flopped over.

Think about all these things I have told you. They are valuable resources that will give you wisdom, personal power, beauty, riches and stability. Let me know when they do. I will help you along the way.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please share your ideas with me. Would love to hear them. Remember is an easy way to get here for more.

Be blessed, and be at peace with yourself and others.



Now for some cool music!

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