Tipping the Sex Cam Model

The cam experience can be quite delightful for both model and the patron. We all have our own reasons for being there. Some get lost in chat rooms for hours exploring fantasies and unimaginable visuals one is would hesitate to describe to grandmother even if She is a model herself. Many models wear the cutest little pink toy called the “Lush” with a provocative Bluetooth antenna shamelessly waggling from an often quite well exposed and often moist orifice. Tokens of the patrons high esteem will cause the little monster to vibrate (along with the models), while speaking to their inner most being (physically, that is) … quite on the right brain where feelings communicate louder than words. Better attuned to how females love to exchange their feelings we now learn something about their craving and need to feel and be felt by others.

That said there is something to the psychology of visiting your honey even if only briefly to say hello and make her acquaintance. Friendship, as usual, requires much more attention, integrity and consideration. For the purpose of this simple treatment let us consider some basics … much of which is common sense, and perhaps you already know. For the newcomer I hope this information will be enlightening and stimulate further thinking.

Amid all the joys of human exchange through this medium visitors should be aware that the main reason these lovely ladies have decided to weather all the social stigmas associated with their new profession is survival. Fearlessly they gird their loins forging ahead through social criticism to expose themselves from the privacy of their bedroom to countless men in need. This is a big step for your average female and … the largerst segment we encounter there. They do it for the money. One camgirl stated to me clearly, “You know i’m here bcs i’m posessed with the money. … They own me … It makes me feel good and i wanna live when i see money on my bank account.”

The venues pay anywhere from 20 to 50% of the proceeds to the model. The Lush personal, stimulation toy by Lovense will set them back about a hundred US dollars. Good lube is expensive, smart phone, laptop, cams, lighting, decor, and server charges all add up. But, the model who knows how to please men can easily yank in six digits while pleasantly rubbing herself in front of you with only one. For the wise and gifted her investment plus consistent effort pays off like nothing she has ever done, or most likely, will ever do.

That said, I have published a bunch on the cam experience exploring other dynamics for consideration and further study. Ultimately, we claim the right to determine for ourselves why we are visiting and how to proceed in rewarding our models. That freedom is one of the cool things about this medium. For me, it is quite an experience in self discovery as well as learning more about females and, indeed, other males we encounter along the way since our foray into the model’s bedrooms is quite public.

How to tip? Well … this is all up to us. But, for the sake of gaining some perspective I will list a few items in the real world and let you make the comparison.

If you met a lady and offered to buy her a cup of coffee you will pay somewhere between a dollar and three depending on where? Then add in your coffee and two Danishes and we’re up to $12. The prices I am stating are for a relatively average city in America. So, where is she living .. San Francisco, and Medellin Colombia? Her “nut” will vary, and so will yours depending on these factors and one’s generosity. This is something I always bear in mind.

How much does it cost the average male to go on a date, these days? Consider for a moment your costs for personal grooming, auto, dinner, wine, a show, movie, and any number of other pastimes that you might wish to share with your lovely partner. Some of these things come right out of your pocket. In Denmark the ladies there tend to go “Dutch” as it were and costs often get split right down the middle. Of course, unless the date is an escort or a regular with whom we have an ongoing relationship we generally have no idea of the outcome, whether romantic or otherwise.

What is quite unique about cam dating is that we can predict, more or less, what the outcome may be. The ladies often specify quite clearly what the prices for their services will be, which are often quite negotiable. So, back to our first time date, say, in New York City. Lord, have mercy! What expense are we talking here? You tell me. Cheap: $100? Modest: $200? Interesting: $300? Impressive: $400+? Most escorts in urban areas: $500 – $2500? Consider these numbers next time you are in a chat room and one of the most gorgeous females you have ever seen is stripping just to tease and please you. Think about how one token to her is worth about five cents. Do you really want to say that to her. One cam model said it is like a slap in the face. On the other hand sometimes it is possible to know who the higher tipper is. One lady received 6400 tokens in less than twelve hours from one visitor. Thirty two hundred dollars went out of his pocket into hers that day from him alone. Believe me, brothers and sisters, I have no answers for solving this tipping question … only more questions.

Of course, there are many differences between a real life physical encounter and the online, virtual camgirl. They know that. Yet, what the cam model offers is … quite unique. She is prepared to show you things instantly …that few others in the real world ever will on demand. That she is in total control of her comfort and life is a big factor for her. Her true identity is concealed and protected. She will never meet you physically unless she chooses, which is rare. She has the potential to please you to the point you return often .. for some … emotionally addicted to her. She can ban you if she likes and never see you again or only for a specified time as one did me recently. She sets the standards for what is “rude” and we must adhere or else.

So, how we reward our cam models is quite a flexible affair. Needless to say, many emotions and thoughts occur to sharpen our savvy of the venue along the way and to determine for ourselves the best course we feel we must follow to achieve our goals be they sexual, simply to soften loneliness, romance, addicted lust, … you name it. Whatever the reasons are that we visit, and the values we attribute to those reasons should, in all honesty and integrity, be reflected in how we honor and respect the product we are receiving and the real person who is providing us these benefits.

If one enters a chat room with a cheap, low mentality, vulgar and selfish mind then that will be reflected in the tipping and the model feels it right away. Should a person enter who is discerning, wise and considerate likewise this person will compensate equitably for what he is gaining. Some will try to worm out of giving, being for getting of many things. But, this is often consistent with that person’s life behavior. So, for me .. I get to self discover and learn about my own behaviors and thinking, just as I do hers.

I sometimes feel ashamed of how cheap I have been at times with certain models. But, I attribute that to my ignorance of the venue and the learning curve. In the same way that I intend to reconsider how I have been relating to my cam models both personally and monetarily I believe I will come to making better choices … for what, when, how much and why I am paying whatever it is I choose to pay. It’s time to consider the equivalents in things of similar worth and value in real life, do the math and tip consciously. 

Personally, I refuse to remain in the background soaking up the visuals like some voyeuristic mooch … because I can … and believe me, if I give in to the tempation … I can. I have more personal honor and self respect, as I believe you do to. Part of the reason I have visited this venue ultimately boils down to how I feel. As an alpha male I walk unashamed with head up being a responsible provider for others. I will enter and exit this venue knowing that I have done well both for myself and the ones who are willing to serve my needs and request. Both models and we their patrons are privileged to have this means of unique and interactive support for each other. And, many times I feel thankful for it.

Would I consider even offering a model a cup of coffee on an initial hello. That would be about $3 or 30 tokens. If I wanted to buy them a drink, say, $8, that would be 80 tokens. Remember that half the proceeds at, say xhamster, goes to them. If one wishes to bring things up to par for the ladies we must double these figures. Something to consider. Again, my own personal discipline tells me now that I know better what’s going on, it’s time to be a man about it, figure on a reasonable budget and pay fairly. I am certain that this approach feels better in the long run and supports rather then denigrates my sense of virility.

There is a lot more to this question of monetary rewards to the cam models and I look forward to hearing your insights, especially those who have greater experience in the venue. So, please take the time to comment when you can.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy you cam models treating them with respect, kindness and consideration.


EvanuFor more on Cam Models go to: www.Evanurei.com

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