Evanu Rei … Some Background Info

I am a seasoned life coach of many years among sex workers in the San Francisco, Bay Area. I have exchanged ideas with persons living in extreme luxury, to those serving life sentences in maximum security prisons. As friend and confidant to a number of these our lives have been enriched.

Drawing from these real life experiences to write with the hope of sharing the gems I have discovered along the way. There has never been an exchange of money. Freely, I have been given and freely I give.

Having experienced first hand the trauma of war, studied abroad, lived in sailboats and known great sorrow and jubilation, my life has been enlarging through sensitivity, self awareness and a fearless willingness discover myself as well as others.

I live in my gentleman’s farm on a mountain in Upstate New York with my loving partner, wonderful tenants, cute cats and my four gorgeous Arabian horses. We have gardens, plenty of land and nature all around, and together we all live happy, abundant and prosperous lives. I love rebuilding violins and composing sweet melodies. I feel grateful and thankful.

As a contributing radio DJ for PBS WEXT 97.7, Amsterdam, New York -under another name, I promote Middle Eastern music and other musical genres.

I am learning what it means to accept what is -with a passion for what can be.



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