Prince Ahmad’s Noble Hug by Evanu Rei, Chapters 1-2

Prince Ahmed

Chapter I

Prince Ahmad and His Female Servants

Prince Ahmad was the son of a highly esteemed tribal king living in a magnificent tent palace in the Northern African desert many years ago. He was young and handsome with a strong virile heart and soul that garnered the respect of his family, friends and servants. He was also an intelligent and righteous man who had a big heart and was considered fair in all his business dealing and in the handling of delicate personal matters. He lived in a fairly secluded place near a lovely green oasis that was a magnificent showplace often visited for it’s splendor, warmth and charm. He had many, many servants.

Prince Ahmad was married in the common manner of the nobles of his day which was more about following the protocols of heredity and peerage, and to preserve family wealth and alliance with other tribal families. Being quite manly and debonnaire he was naturally attracted to a few of the lovely females he had acquired to share the duties of service on his estate. Needless to say, they were also quite attracted to him. But, unless you were a female you would never now it. For, they kept their feelings quite in check.

In choosing his servants the Prince looked for stature, grace and elegance which he believed were the earmarks for true and lasting beauty often manifested in an obedient and submissive spirit seasoned with a kindly gentle nature.

As always there would be the need to be patient to new servants in training to insure that they would learn to maintain excellence in performing all their duties.

Prince Ahmad’s Curious Training Method

Being of greater discipline and higher character than most others due to the rigors of his superior education, personal growth and desire to excel,  he often stepped in whenever there were problems with the servants and would have them brought to him for special training. Prince Ahmad always found creative and effective ways to help correct his servants lovingly by using positive rather than negative reinforcement as was unfortunately the case under some of his fellow noblemen.

As a young equestrian Prince Ahmad had leaned how to employ positive rather than negative reinforcement while training his highly prized Arabian horses. This always proved more efficient, effective and safer. He learned to develop a much greater respect and rapport for and with his horses who were attentive and responsive whenever he was present. He often used this same basic philosophy with people throughout his life with similar results.

But there was a situation that gave him some concern. It was the behavior of his unmarried female servants. In time he would come to resolve it. This is the story of the unique and delightful manner by which he improved his life and the lives of so many others in his marvelous kingdom.

Female Servant’s Special Needs

Prince Ahmad had always loved the special servants who looked after him as a child always treating him with the utmost kindness. Through them he experienced and learned the stature one possesses in positive attitude, respect and tranquility. When he got older he began to notice in a number of his now aging governesses a kind of loneliness that made them appear somewhat distant and aloof. He realized that many these ladies would never marry being virtually wedded to a life of service to the noble family and the duties in the royal palace. Having become so refined by the high standards and excellence of high culture they often never found love or intimate partnership with anyone. It would be impossible for them to engage in the necessities and pressures of family life especially with other commoners from the outside, and it was unthinkable for them to marry anyone from the higher aristocratic families. Kind of a sad situation for young vivacious individuals who had such skill, talent and potential for their lives. This dilemma in time led to a sense of resignation that perhaps one day when they when age had taken it’s toll and were no longer being able to serve in the palace they might retire and marry solely out of convenience.

After a long period of reflection and with some understanding of the nature and needs of females, Prince Ahmad decided to do something quite unique to help these servant women develop and grow both physically and emotionally. He decided to touch their lives in such a way that their deepest needs for intimacy may be satisfied and thus build trust among them while liberating them from feelings of unworthiness, shame, and being undesirable in their unmarried and solitary state.

One day his chief of the staff, at his wits end, brought him a lovely young woman of twenty two years of age by the name of Tara whom he had recently obtained. She was quite talented, honorable and highly recommended, and both he and the Prince believed she would serve perfectly as a much needed librarian and secretary to help manage his extensive book collections as well as other documents which were often summoned for meetings and business.

Soon it became clear that her training was progressing a lot slower than the Prince had hoped. A number of times her mistakes had led to some measure of anxiety and much wasted time searching for lost and misplaced documents. She was finally sent to Prince Ahmad’s private study where he often did his training for the difficult servants.

When she arrived he had her sit down in the comfortable leather armchair by the fireplace. And sitting across from her they had an engaging conversation. Needless to say, the room was quite charming with all the books in such well crafted cases, a plush oriental carpet on the floor under a stately dark walnut desk, elegant oil lamps, paintings and wonderfully hand carved work tables. There was also a lovely couch and ottoman with a fluffy white sheep skin before it. He would always have hot tea and biscuits with his staff during the training sessions knowing that it would help them feel more relaxed and comfortable during the sessions.

As a young girl she had at times received severe corporeal punishment from her parents and in school, and had no idea what to expect except to brace herself for some kind of suffering. Prince Ahmad knowing this quickly assured her that he had no intention of punishing her for her mistakes. Instead he asked her to tell him honestly what she loved most in life and what made her feel her best. She told him almost immediately that it was being in the country on a warm Spring day with the sun shining while sitting near a brook flowing, and when the flowers had begun to appear leaving their sweet fragrant scent in the air. Prince Ahmad agreed that was such beautiful experience for her, but asked her to deeply consider his question again to see if there was something even deeper that was even more pleasant to her in her memory. She though for a little while and told Prince Ahmad that more than being in that lovely country setting she felt the best when her father would hug her at times when she was feeling bad, and just hold her for a little while.

Special Feelings

Prince Ahmad asked her if she would like to feel those wonderful feelings again and she said she would but asked how seeing her father was so far away. He said that as her authority figure and guardian he would be happy to give her a hug as a kind of surrogate father with deep concern for her well being. She looked quite surprised after he told her this but agreed to his suggestion. And that’s what they did right then and there. He asked her to stand up and placing his arms around her and gave her the best hug which lasted for whole minute without letting go until they felt each other’s hearts beating and their breathing. Then he told her that every time she made a mistake he would gladly give her a hug, and he asked her to keep count of all the mistakes she might make in the course of the week. The young servant was utterly amazed at his request and after a brief conversation about how she might improve her job she left feeling happy, deeply charmed and honored to have been in Prince Ahmad’s company.

The following week Tara returned to Prince Ahmad’s study at the scheduled time and to review her work with him. She told him that she caught seven errors in filing and other duties but nothing terrible came of it and she was able to learn from it. She showed him the list of times she had written down. Prince Ahmad asked her to stand up and again he gave her a warm hug holding for over a minute until she felt comforted and secure. That’s all he did. Then as before they talked briefly about her job and she left his study feeling better than the time before, more trusting and reassured.

This process continued for the next two months exactly the same way. She came in, they shared tea, she revealed what she had done wrong, they hugged and talked a little, and then she would leave. Finally there were no more errors for months and when she made a mistake she felt so eager to report it to Prince Ahmad so that she could visit him in his study, have tea, talk and get her hug. A year later she requested a meeting with him but without having made any mistakes as her reason to be trained. She wondered if she could talk to him about certain thoughts and feelings she was having over the last year. She indeed had greatly improved her work and concentration but found herself often so longing for that hug that she wished she could make mistakes so she could receive them over and over again.

Prince Ahmad quite understood and told her that he sympathized with the fact that she was young, single and quite attractive and that it is normal for young women of her age to feel a yearning to marry and have a family. Even if she did find a nice young man there would be no guarantee that it would lead to a happy life. What if he was a common laborer, or someone who worked so hard that he may often feel troubled and be short tempered? Ill feelings might even abound and she might find herself in something much less agreeable than she had hoped for. So he told her that any time she felt a need to be hugged to come to his study and he would be happy and honored to give her one.

Needless to say, Tara sometimes visited Prince Ahmad for her much needed hug and she came to feel wonderful about her life and work there among the servants and nobles. When she would meet the other ladies during the day they would often interacted in the best sense of humor. Although they never went into great detail about their private training with Prince Ahmad they always gave him the highest compliments and praises. Sometimes they would look at eachother and wonder. But somehow instinctively they knew that they shared something with him that was unique, positive and quite satisfying. Whenever a tinge of jealousy would arise they always felt that although they had developed quite a fondness for the Prince they knew they had no right to expect anything more. This was his style of training and something he wished to use with the other servants and it was his prerogative. Each person he touched felt privileged and kept reserved and discreet about their encounters cherishing the feelings and always hoping for the best.

Chapter II

Prince Ahmad’s Affectionate Servants Thrive

In the course of a year of such interesting training, naturally, all the female servants that the handsome and wise Prince Ahmad had trained had fallen in love with him. He encouraged each of them along the way to enjoy rather than to fret over the love coming out of them convincing them that it was something they already possessed in them, and that he simply brought it out. Thus, comforted, inspired and touched each of these servants became more and more liberated from having a possessive spirit over him, or jealous one toward the others. Down deep they knew they were each receiving similar training through the wise and caring spirit of their beloved master.

Prince Ahmad never asked for anything more from them knowing the emotional attachment females were apt to show toward those with whom they might have had some intimate physical contact … especially where deep love may be present. But in time, a new dynamic began to evolve with certain of the ladies in his care. Some stated they never wanted to remain under his employ forever so contented with their lives and work there. The whole demeanor of the estate seemed to echo with feelings of gratitude and praise of love, life and truth. And when a few of the seemingly unlovable older women took on negative attitudes out of envy and sour feelings he would approach them and offer to speak to them in his private study and before too long each of the older ladies were converted to a much more pleasant disposition.

Eventually word got out about the unique teaching method of the kind Prince and it was supported with such praise and high esteem that never a word of unseemly gossip was heard. If anything, his reputation for being a righteous man and caring for his staff especially those who were in need of human kindness seemed to inspire others to patience and mercy toward their help and staff as well.

The noble Prince Ahmad knew that there were no laws against giving but for taking from another there were laws and well established systems of justice to fend for the innocent and plead their case. He knew that the intent of his heart was pure and that what he had to offer was ennoblement to a much higher level of thinking than mere lust, greed, calumny, and so many other weaknesses people often fall prey to. He knew that some who love cruelty and lying would talk and say evil things, but he knew he had nothing to fear because down deep in his heart he was right to give his staff what they truly needed from him. He believed he had something that would be a benefit to women and chose to surrender it to them even if it meant breaking protocols and traditions.

In time Prince Ahmad came to know each one who visited him more and more intimately. He began to find their time together more enriching and rewarding. Having established deeper and deeper bonds of trust with them they began to regard him as their teacher as he regarded and respected them as his beloved students.

During their encounters they would reveal more and more about themselves to Prince Ahmad. He never offered them any advise or tried to fix them but would simply focus entirely on them personally asking an occasional question which always helped them to come to a better understanding of themselves. Each time a session would end there would be the familiar and supportive hug. But, eventually something interesting was bound to happen. These women well understood their place in the house and with one another. But whenever they would be in a private session with Prince Ahmad they would always feel highly prized and quite special. As these feelings began to expand in their hearts they began to yearn for greater intimacy with the noble Prince. The feeling of being held over the span of so long a period had quickened deep feelings of love and appreciation for him that they felt willing to give him anything he might ask of them. But he never asked for anything except what it was they needed and wanted most in their lives.

Eventually as the years passed and each person became so touched by Prince Ahmad’s generosity and goodly nature each began to do their best to serve him and bring happiness into his life. There were times upon noticing some stiffness after a long day in his stuffy and sometime rigorous undertakings certain perceptive ladies would offer to rub his neck and shoulders which he always received with the utmost gratitude and praise for their skill and soothing touches. At times he would return the favor to the often overworked maids and other servants with a few moments of soothing squeezes to their lithe shoulders relieving them of the tensions of their busy day. This eventually evolved into hand and foot massages which were so needed and helpful. So, Prince Ahmad’s evenings were quite busy meeting with the lovely ladies of his staff, young and old, and sharing a few moments of friendly exchange. This was quite a unique experience for both he and them and virtually unthinkable among the noble persons of such high birth who tended to be so focused on many of the exacting details of their continuous leisure oriented undertakings, and multiple changing of their outer garments.

During the course of these kind and noble encounters there did at times arise deeper issues with the staff that Prince Ahmad would think about soberly and with as much heart and soul as he could muster. For although the hugs and simple healing touching seemed to satisfy certain emotional needs while building trust and strong feelings of well being, the biggest drawback in all this contact and positive reinforcement was inevitably the stimulation of erotic feelings in both the ladies and at times in the noble Prince himself. Everyone knew what was bound to happen when Prince Ahmad’s encounters would gently evolve into such life supporting levels of sweetness that quite naturally certain hormones would kick in and the normal male and female tendencies and instincts would want to move in the direction of more intimate touching and, may I use the term, love making. You see, all along the way that is exactly what was happening. Prince Ahmad was making love to these women by reaching out to them with the tenderness that he knew their natures would respond to which was so positive and enriching that it caused them to excel in all they did.

[In Chapter 3, Prince Ahmad choose to build his Harem.]

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