Prince Ahmad’s Noble Hug by Evanu Rei Chapter 3. The Harem.


Among certain of his female servants Prince Ahmad could feel a deep desire to be with a man so intimately that they might come to know and experience their femininity more completely. He knew that this would help them live fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful lives. Perhaps, he thought,  he could find suitable mates for them. But how? They were strictly forbidden from having any public relationships with any of his friends. And even if they did would these men honor them in a deeply loving and kind manner showing patience and wisdom as he had? And of those in their own class .. well, he knew so few he felt would be inclined to follow his example. So, he wondered what would ever become of these precious ladies.

As he pondered these questions he considered what would occur if he decided to terminate his encounters with them. Would they feel sad and rejected even if he took the time to explain how he felt? Would he regret ever using such positive reinforcement, albeit, much needed to help his staff to grow. Perhaps the established protocols of coldness, disconnection, and protectiveness were justified after all. Somehow he had a hard time accepting that idea knowing that love is something which should illuminate to all regardless of class and that love is expressed by being open, connected and vulnerable. Prince Ahmad now had to face the ultimate result of these things which prepare the way for intimacy.

So groomed in the ways of this manner of support and affection, the ladies, though energized by him, were greatly inclined to be submissive as their social state required. But this submissiveness in certain ways became a sweet gift supporting patience, meekness, faith and self control. These emotions were certainly valuable assets to their lives drawing them closer and closer to the others and permitting them to enter places of joy, peace, kindness and gentleness with greater ease. For many these traits and characteristics were recognized as true love.

Prince Ahmad knew that these things were occurring having understood the wisdom and principles of goodness which had come down to him by people who had long since been regarded as “gentle”. He realized that his continued contact with these ladies would ennoble them and make them gentle people. Perhaps, in years to come this might result in their children being more elevated in their lower class. They would become more capable of performing great works among the others resulting in the common good of their community

So satisfied in the nurturing they had received from Prince Ahmad that none of these ladies needed to assert themselves sexually in order to make themselves more appealing or desired but maintained a fairly contented and reserved disposition in their daily lives. Yet, they served in a palace not a convent. Yet, as demur, tranquil and refined as they had become all the more their feelings of passion and eroticism had increased. Was this a kind of quiet, passive harem Prince Ahmad had established unknowingly in his own house? Or, did the wise Prince know something about women? Indeed it was a kind of harem but without any sexual or erotic fulfillment on anyone’s part. Pregnancy was such a taboo that should it ever occur great difficulties would be on the horizon. Yet the need for some kind of deeper and perhaps erotic contact between Prince Ahmad and his staff always seemed to be present. Each of the ladies he had trained wished to be open and connected to the virile Prince in a vulnerable and intimate manner. Who can blame them? They had built up such trust for him and each other that this quiet little harem seemed to be one of the most delightful aspects of their lives.

It had been about two years since Prince Ahmad had begun his assisting the ladies and on occasion he would notice how much they had come to esteem one another. Sometimes he would happen upon one rubbing the hands and shoulders of another while taking a momentary break from their labors. Eventually word began to circulate about how talented certain ladies were in bringing comfort and healing to the others this way. So, the young Prince began to wonder what might happen if these gifted ladies were to further develop their talents and provide massage for the others and even help them learn how to improve their massage techniques. Seeing how much of his time was being devoted to assisting the ladies he thought it might go well to continue building trust with one another by being more open and connected the way he had taught them.

Before too long a little group of servants who were talented in massage began meeting regularly and refining their skills during their off hours. The results were sensational for they seemed more rested, alert and happy with each passing day. Soon there was talk of how a few had begun sharing their knowledge of fragrances and other herbal essences designed to promote greater relaxation, pleasure and healing. Soon Prince Ahmad had regained possession of his evenings and would consult less frequently but when he did his servants were often so appreciative of what he had done for them that they were eager to return a blessing to him by sharing their developing knowledge of massage, oils and fragrances with him.

At this point in the story we must take a moment to bring in the matter of the Prince’s dear wife. As I mentioned, it was a prearranged marriage in the custom of the high nobles of his land to form alliances with the other tribes. Although the kind Prince had the utmost respect and honor for his wife there was no particular erotic exchange in their marriage. Whether it was a matter of attraction, personality or some other characteristic the two rarely touched each other with any deep affection and sexual intercourse was performed occasionally for the purpose of bring forth a royal heir. The two were always polite, refined and proper about their lives and had plenty to do to keep themselves busy and occupied with the affairs of their high noble calling. But the Princess was aware of her husband’s exchanges with the servants and had questioned him on it on a few occasions wondering if he was having sex with them and warning him of what might happen if he were to give in to any temptation and a child might result from it. Prince Ahmad understood her concerns and taking his dear wife into his arms he would simply hug her and in the gentlest voice whispered in her ear, “I love you, my Princess. I will remember all that you have said.” What more could she say?

Soon the Princess began to feel a certain change in her life but was unable to describe it. When she would look upon some of the male servants she would feel some sympathy for how long and hard they worked. She remembered how she had always been cared for and served with such high esteem and tenderness by the men who labored so diligently in her palace. There were many highly refined artists and fine craftsmen who understood beauty and how to fashion it with their hearts and hands. Now, the Prince wondered if perhaps she might do something that would help the troubled ones to improve them rather than be terminated or sometimes demoted to what was most often much more physical tasks. So, likewise, and quite curious of the Princes approach to these matters, she instructed the chief of the servants to send to her anyone with whom they found difficulty in training. Do I need to tell you what happened? Would you believe that the same results Prince Ahmad was having with the ladies the Princes was having with the men servants. The dynamics, however, were a little different. But, no problem. She hugged the men and that was all, just as Prince Ahmad was doing with the ladies. The men, being emotionally mapped a little different than the ladies, instead of feeling erotic feelings for the Princess. God forbid! The Prince would have had them castrated. They simply accepted the tender embrace as a sign of honor, esteem and acceptance lifting their egos and raising their sense of self worth. To be hugged by the Princess. Just imagine!

After a few years similarly the Princess had come to learn that these men seemed more robust, virile and attentive to their duties than ever before. So relentless were they in their efforts to serve that they had often over worked and sometimes to near exhaustion. Well, this was indeed a matter to be addressed, for neither the Prince nor the Princess wished to see their servant’s energies depleted so drastically. So one day as Prince Ahmad and the Princess, whose name, by the way, was Princess Lisha, spoke on the matter they came up with a solution. They decided to find a way that the females might render their new skills of massage to the men. This is a tough one since the men would be sure to develop erotic feelings for the females, which no doubt, they had anyway. Would this kind of physical contact between the male and female servants result in disaster or something beneficial, they wondered? They decided to give it a go.

So unusual was this kind of thing in noble settings they were curious to see what might happen if the men and ladies could share physical contact but without sharing sexual feelings, only a good massage to soothe aching muscles and relax the soul. These were strict times and they all knew what the outcome could be if they disobeyed the Prince’s order to maintain strict discipline while in the company of the female servants. To insure that all would go well Princes Lisha commanded that no male or female servant could be alone but that two females would need to work together to soothe the poor aching body of the male servant. The second would be a witness, beside helping out a little bit with a second pair of soft, soothing and caring hands.

Amazingly in a matter of only a few weeks you should have seen and felt the glow of joy and merriment that filled the Palace. Oh, good Lord! Guests who visited would remark that from the very first moment they stepped foot in the Palace they felt a strange and almost intoxicating fresh air of gladness and joy abounding from everyone. They had seen plenty of smiling and courteous faces but these servants had something else that seemed to emanate from the depths of their souls. It was so profound that amidst the often intense pressures they often arrived with, within a short time they seemed to feel a sweet and profound air of relief and tranquility. Of course, they could not fathom the Prince and Princess’s labors of love among the servants. This kind of thing was taboo and completely undignified in their view. Nevertheless, their souls were enriched and they found themselves ever longing for their next visit. Always on departing you would year them say to the Prince and Princess, ” Such a Heavenly realm, how lucky for you!” But, they had no idea.

A year had passed since the servants began exchanging with each other the males with the females and Prince Ahmad decided to inquire what their thoughts and feelings might have been for one another. By this time each lady had encountered each man a number of times and it was plain to see that they had become quite familiar with each other’s touch and personalities. So he gathered them together one day seated opposite each other in a large room the men on one side and the ladies on the other. Then he asked them to look at each other and to permit their eyes to join … the men with the women. After a few minutes the Prince asked them to notice which one they looked at most and if there were any two whose eyes that joined without interruption, and once they realized this to please stand. After a brief hesitation two jumped up and all the others roared and clapped their hands wildly, tears streaming down their eyes as if they had already known and were rejoicing. Then immediately, a second and then a third couple popped up and a fourth and a fifth. There were cheers, laughter and yelling as if they somehow had been freed into some place of such extreme exhilaration their hearts were about to bust with joy. The laughter and the tears … ahhhh …… no one had ever experienced such a heavenly feeling of peace and gladness.

The Prince then summoned them to step off to the side and sit privately to revel in each other’s company and engage in soft conversation. Meanwhile, there were still some others seated who having made no such connection were either laughing or giggling over what had just transpired. So supportive they were of the others.The Prince then made the announcement that all was well and that the new found couples would be permitted to spend more personal time with each other and may prepare to discuss the possibility of marriage to which each nodded their heads in full agreement. To the others who had not formed such a connection he praised them for their love and goodness and assured them that if they wanted that one day they might find a suitable partner right here and similarly they too would be permitted to spend more private time together and talk about marriage.

Gathering all the females who had chosen a male partner, interestingly, he asked them to sit across from the females who had not. He asked them to do as before and look at one another to see whose eyes would meet and hold. Females with females. This they did and he asked the ones who had succeeded to stand. Each of the ones who had connected with the males had also connected with certain of the remaining females, and again there was cheering and rejoicing. He now asked them to return to where the men were seated in each their respective groups of three – the male and two females- and chat for a while. The Prince Ahmad went over to the remaining females and asked them to sit across from the remaining males, as they did at first, and to gaze at them until two had reached such a beautiful connection that they felt the desire to stand. This little exercise took longer than the first for there were seemingly different emotional circumstances which needed to be worked though. But, no matter. In only a few short minutes a number of other pairs had formed and they too were given an opportunity to sit together and chat.

Now there were only five remaining -three females and one male. The Prince told them they would meet both he and the Princess each week for personal training.

Next he called them all back again and told them to watch and pray that they might come to know the love, life and truth more fully which they had experienced that day and that it would sustain and grow within them. He dismissed them all and summoned the chief of the servants to meet with him privately. When the chief of the servants arrived he fell down before Prince Ahmad in tears and in deep praise for he had been in such love with one of the females for years and now as if through some miracle they could be married and even with a handmaiden who wished only to serve them both. Prince Ahmad quickly reached down and raised up his chief and grabbing both of his hands leaned to him kissing one cheek and then the other saying, “You good and precious servant, enter into the joy of my house fully for your heart is noble, your years of faith in my kingdom will surely be rewarded, and may you bring many children and grandchildren into the realm. “

Over the many years Prince Ahmad’s kingdom expanded and grew not through conquest but because as neighboring tribal leaders would visit and eventually learn of his wisdom they too were inspired. As greater and greater happiness began to grow in the land these kings and their princes allied and together manifested such power that no threat from foreign invaders existed during those times. Eventually their city came to be known as the City of Peace and for the longest time they all were governed by the spirit of freedom, equality and unity in the love, life and truth they shared continually.

The Prince eventually became associated with great mirth and some even gave him the nickname “Prince Laughter” since everyone was always so happy in his kingdom. He had sons and daughters, and his sons had sons and daughters and his descendants never forgot the stories, but then on the other hand, they never quite understood them either. But for all those who did and do, the treasures never cease to abound and the seeds of inspiration to create something fresh and new is always present and bearing good fruit.

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