My Encounter With a Sweet Cam Girl

I happened upon khailanyangelsweet01 tonight and made my usual entry with “Hello … I am Evanu … Honored and pleased to be here to meet such an elegant lady.”

No response. She was however responding to others which is to be expected. I waited a little while … still no response. I began to feel discouraged. Offered a simple word on the music she was playing. Still no response.

Then I realized she was writing in Spanish and probably felt a little inhibited wanting to respond more deeply to me. I never sent her a token as I was waiting for a response. Then I wrote through my translator that I was standing at the door hat in hand and needed to go.

As soon as I went over to my messages I found that she had in fact greeted me and was lamenting about my visit being short.

And, this is what I wrote in Spanish through my translator which is always open:

“I am so pleased and honored to have met such a lovely lady. [Kissing your hand]. I could only stay a little while, just enough to gaze on your delicate and wonderful persona. I have you in my “Favorites” and I would love to return to get to know you better. Thank you for requesting my friendship. In your service .. -Evanu”

Her immediate response to me:

“ok amor muchas gracias cuando quieras bienes y jugamos un rato … … [ok love thank you very much when you want goods and we play for a while]”

A little patience and kindness goes a long way with people in general but I think especially with these ladies for some reason.

For, even though they have so many at their door seeking sex, friendship and every other conceivable thing with them I think they must feel so alone down deep searching for something so special that they long for. This is where I believe there is room to make a statement in another person’s life. Patience and kindness can do this.

Whatever our reasons may be in our quest to meet these lovely ladies may we find in all our encounters something of value along our journey through life. Perhaps, some wisdom and understanding that we might come to learn how to love one another through giving without seeking so often to get something in return.

May all your encounters with your lovely Cam girls be fascinating, charming, playful, stimulating and economical!

Please send me your wonderful feedback. I’m all ears.



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