Live Cam Girls .. An Amazing New Reality!

“Hello … I am Evanu … I am happy and honored to be here and to meet you.” .. [Said on entering a chat room.]

This is the only appropriate way I know to introduce myself to what otherwise may have been simply a static photo or a video. Through the cam venue we meet real “Live” people. This is a new reality that I appreciate and respect. Although, meeting another person in this live venue is indeed a human contact there it must be considered that, indeed, the model is a unique human being with feelings, thoughts and a certain degree of experience. One can access those thoughts and feelings quite easily through this medium and if you reach her soul she will provide many hours of enjoyment and pleasure in ways never before experienced.

It must be understood that the models we visit have generally been gooming themselves to the wishes of their patrons and how to please and make them happy. They have become well seasoned and in a relatively short time. One of the nicest features of the cam model is that they are quite motivated to meeting you and I through this protected venue where otherwise they may be quite shy and reserved, and in many cases where the models are exceptionally beautiful, they might be sequestered and virtually not available for meeting outside of celebrity oriented media or through their select group of friends.

This potential is something I have been pondering recently after many years of avoiding the cam venues. But, today I think I am able to approach it in a more thoughtful manner considering how unique and rewarding the experience can be. The initial cost to get some experience going to rooms and meeting ladies was relatively mild compared to what one lays out for clothing, auto, and other sundries without considering picking up the tab for dinners and other entertainment. So, with a little practice and refinement I foresee having quite a pleasant place to hang out which can be enriching for both myself and the models I choose to visit.

Over all I believe that approaching this venue with respect and as a complete gentleman is the best way to proceed. Knowing something about the female psyche is also quite important if one is to make any progress in establishing a relationship of friendship where the model is happy to see you rather than fearful or bored. A little reserve on the part of the patron can also go a long way to impress her rather than thrusting oneself into her room without first paying her due respect and a certain degree of admiration and compliments that every woman enjoys and craves.

For the average model tell them how lovely they are. For the real knock outs, never. Simply refer to their clothing, jewelry or some other item in their room. These receive so many compliments for their good looks hearing it over and over again is boring for them. It is wise with the lookers to give them the impression that you are beyond simply blurting out your thoughts and showing her you are more sensitive to her needs rather than your own.

At this point I have collected quite a nice group of “Favorites” and will begin grooming them to remember me when I visit. This venue affords many opportunities to build friendships in time. Impatience will produce little. I believe that if one listens to his heart and thinks before communicating one will know how to achieve some beautiful moments with the lovely ladies of our dreams in Cyberland.

Thank you for reading and please let me know your thoughts.



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