Visiting Cam Girls –Points to Remember

It takes wisdom and personal discipline to enter this medium without being taken out to and emotional sea of thoughts, feelings and ideas that may be as troubling as they are pleasant.

To better address this I have come up with a few rules I need to remember to remain stable in my heart and thinking.

1. Cam girls are in business, and as all retail trade it is up to the business owner to provide a good product at a reasonable rate.

It is also up to them to prove that they are worthy of my time and money. In order to establish this I must know exactly what it is I wish from them and give them time to manifest this. This may require a few minutes of watching and study without feeling obligated to support them or their business.

It is proper to say hello on entering and saying something like: “Hello … I am Evanu … happy to be here … I will observe and see if the energy is right for me.”

2. I must remember that I owe the Cam girl nothing, and neither does she owe me anything at this stage even if she writes to befriend me soliciting my patronage. I do honor good business efforts and respond kindly. I will offer a few tokens on entering and exchanging, but extremely modestly at first, during my evaluation phase.

3. I must avoid the temptation of allowing myself to feel too infatuated which promotes saying and doing too much too soon. Big problem I have that needs constant self awareness and control.

4. I must also remember that these Cam girls are in an extremely questionable new venue for many reasons both for them as well as their patrons. Easy money always comes with a price for them as well as easy pleasure for the patron. Although they may be making a living in what may appear fairly free and unencumbered setting, both of us will pay an emotional an psychological price if unaware of what lies beneath the surface and being unaware of the pitfalls of this kind of Cyber engagement with others.

5. It is important to define my unique purpose for entering Cam land … be it sexual, erotic, platonic, business or otherwise and continue to develop awareness and prudent measures to accomplish my goals and ends.

6. Feeling good throughout the process of learning, making mistakes and correcting them, and enjoying life must be paramount throughout this entire process.

Thank you for reading and please leave your sincere comments.



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