Building a Harem of Cam Girls

Did I really want to be King Solomon with a thousand wives and three hundred concubines? What a fantasy!

The answer is yes, and no! Yes, because I am sensual, and love women. And, no …because I realize that I have a problem handling only one. What would happen to me if I had thirteen hundred? So realistically speaking, I know that I may be able to have a harem of beautiful women but I must go slowly and think in terms of starting with only a few.

Now we come to the exiting new venue call “Live Sex Cam”. Oh, I so appreciate this medium. Am learning many thing there. Having intelligent and sensitive relationships with others can be exciting and fruitful over the Internet if one can remain stable, friendly and tranquil in the process. This medium is so new, but old rules apply. And, one must never forget them. Breaking certain life rules in this medium can lead to disaster on may levels. And although at first, it seems harmless to many this is not always the case.

I have waited many years before entering this medium. I am glad of that because I think I needed to mature more first. Having gained that now I am better able to bring life, order, voice and empathy with me which is my confidence in things higher rather than craving mindlessly for things lower in spirit and truth.

So, loving females as I do and highly respecting and honoring their gender loveliness and many virtues both biologically and spiritually, it would be a great honor and blessing to say I have a small harem of the finest and most select ladies in the world.

When we encounter the realm of cam models with all their various talents, quirks, unique characteristics and charms it might be wise to entertain a sort of “harem” consciousness. By this I mean, we can virtually obtain and groom one to suit our needs. But will require stamina, wisdom and great discipline. The opportunities are vast in the cam medium, but so are the pitfalls. I would encourage anyone working on their sexuality and erotic sensitivities to consider their time in the cam realm as a study rather that to drive headlong into the common lust mentality which, as always, leaves a person busted and broke.

This is the first time in history that the common man can avail himself to women who are feel comfortable, causal, safe and secure and quite vulnerable. A gentleman will approach them with the utmost respect and appreciation. The common selfish brute is only thinking about getting off on looking, the higher more noble gentleman is always thinking about the other and finding ways to esteem rather than to degrade. If you are in this mentality may you build a fine harem.

I will post more on this endeavor in the days to com.

Thank you for reading this and may the peace of God, good health and good fortune be with you always.



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