What “Live Cam” Means to Me

“Live” means life, alive, living … 

After many years of avoiding it I decided to enter the world of “Live Sex Cams” and do a little exploring. What I found was utterly amazing. I found a venue which creates opportunities for some of most honest and direct communication and personal exchange available outside of the long term committed relationships.

Within a matter of only a few days exploring this venue after resisting it’s tempting allure for years I found myself more than intrigued and stimulated in many ways by the models I visited.

Scary good is the only way I might describe it.

All of the elements of interaction except physical are present (well … sort of) and the opportunity to engage in the privacy of one’s own home provides a relaxed and comfortable setting on both sides in which it becomes easy to bypass the conscious mind and enter into the subconscious realm of good feeling, moods, and natural instincts.

This is, no doubt, such a wonderful place to be for many reasons that the overall “good feelings” have the potential of drawing one in quite deeply and in a short amount of time. Therefore, since the nature of this new medium is so powerful to my soul it is important that I enter it wisely and wittingly. That means knowingly. It is also necessary to be in control of my senses and set up personal rules, and disciplines to follow to maintain freedom and dignity.

Without a good set of personal rules and disciplines, for me, I can tell you without question … addiction knocks at the door. There are so many good feelings here that reinforce certain behaviors. I am learning to be more aware of my feelings, motives and behaviors than ever before. This is uncharted waters. Having owned two beautiful sailboats I can tell you things must be shipshape before you set out to sea.

Personally, and this is not to judge anybody else’s intentions or behaviors, I find that I often feel honored to be in the presence of other people so honest and open about themselves. I also feel a little humbled at times. In the exchange I also feel the need to show respect and engage the models as human beings regarding their time, work ethic and being somewhat tolerant of their unique, and sometimes less favorable traits.

I hope those who utilize this medium will find it a wise and prosperous venue for self discovery, making new friends and gaining wisdom.

I am somewhat afraid of being judged for being here because of the strong social stigma around “porn”. But, overall I believe it is what you make it. The word “porn” means dirty. But, I choose to find here what is pure, lovely, heart warming and deeply beautiful in people. I hope to reinforce those things along the way.

For me, I find beauty in stature, grace and elegance. These are potential elements in every person. I hope in our exchange we might bring it out in each other.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and musings and I hope you have a blessed and joyous day.

Would love to hear your thought and feedback.


Evanu Rei

Now for some cool music!

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