Live Chat Room Observations

As I get to know the medium better here are a few of my observations:

Extremely warm and friendly.

Nice way to start my day. I think it is unnecessary to be a big spender to get to know my little harem … I simply say hi with a modest tip and move on quickly. Visiting a model regularly can be very encouraging to her and when I do it is good to engage rather than stay out of sight simply watching without saying hello. If I say hello there is no obligation to engage or spend unless I feel I want to. She knows I am there for my own reasons some more active and others more passive. Politeness an regular tipping can go a long way with them I am finding. They seem to truly appreciate it when I return.

I am thinking about those times when certain model friends are most informal, clothed and simply being in their space, I greet them without sexual undercurrents just to say hi. I try to make their day pleasant. Always tip, no matter what. It does not have to be a lot. If a model is in the midst of a great show and I come upon it then I will acknowledge that and give a larger tip to show her that I appreciate her.

Main Points to consider:

1. Most important. The models are in it for the money and making loyal patrons while operating in a private secure home based setting. In “Nine Things You Always Wanted To Know About Webcam Girls” the writer quotes a cam girl as saying to her boyfriend, “No one is touching me. I set my boundaries. I will never meet these people. I don’t know their names, where they live, or what they look like. I do only what I want, when I want, how I want to, at the touch of my own hand. I end anything if I feel weird.”

Involvement here is kind of an infernal trip. Not as deep as entering Dante’s Inferno where sign above the entrance said to give up all hope. But it is important for me to remember whenever I enter Camland to lay aside my agenda to be liked and loved by the model. This is hard for me because I have healthy ego as I am certain most of us do. So engaging must be more of an exercise in communication and mutually positive exchange with understanding and grace. These ladies are here for what may be complex reasons and it may not be in my best interest to engage them beyond the momentary virtual cyberworld association for me or for her. I know she is quite aware of this. But many of them, especially the new ones, are often quite vulnerable.  I tend to forget this placing my somewhat selfish agenda higher than it ought to be. Nevertheless, anything can happen and even a personal connection outside of the the chat room. Rather than feel despair hope lies in the joy of communication with someone whom I admire understanding her terms. That understanding is a precious gift I bring to her. Once she realizes who I am and what I bring then we will see where it may go from there. So the emphasis here is on being kind, discreet, and giving rather than getting. For the record, I’m taken and it is unlikely there will be any real encounters here.

2. The friendly ones eventually will become the most successful. This venue works for them because they choose to be private, work under and alias and offer something relatively simple and often part of their god given nature. They make a lot of money as they keep their talents fresh and vibrant. I can always tell the ones who are bored, tired and uncreative. They seem to have fewer patrons and smaller tips.

3. What Does My Patronage Mean?

a. The medium permits observation first to determine the suitability, desirability and chemistry between the model and the viewer.

b. There is no need to rush anything like texting, tipping or leaving. It is important to take one’s time first to get a good sense of whether or not I wish to remain and why. I study her profile and consider what it is I want from this model and if she is capable of giving it to me. A word to the wise: never let yourself feel pressured by a “Gold” who tells you to up your ante. At the same time never let them blow your sweet vibe. Be polite always.

c. I realize that I mean nothing to her at this stage and even after weeks of visiting. That status may never change. In other words, you most probably will mean very little to her even after hundreds of dollars are spent because this is her business and patrons come and go. She is uninterested in getting too personal, developing affection for her patrons, or any kind of deep emotional involvement.  Out of necessity she must move in the direction of distancing herself from her visitors. Nevertheless, should she take a liking to a particular visitor it is kinder to let her be about her work than to distract her with too much romantic exchange unless prepared to be financially generous.

A wise patron knows how to develop rapport and be engaging in the each exchange for enjoyment, pleasure, learning, study, and personal growth. In the course of one’s connection there is still a human level that could potentially even result in a meeting or dating. But, this is rare and nothing to make a goal. If it happens mutually the signs will be obvious. It is unwise to go into a room with a model thinking that she is going to desire me in any way via her work and the venue of Live Sex Cam. Initially I am a username to her which is the lowest level of intimacy in this medium beyond being a quiet guest.

d. I go on to as many sights as I wish and fall in love with no one. No need for loyalty simply because somebody was pleasant and open. I am an observer for a while. There is nothing to be ashamed of as a patron any more than being a model. I work for my response and and make her work for my hard earned money. I must never feel guilty to be watching without necessarily paying very much. She knows that she is on display. That is why she is there. Plus most love the larger rather than the smaller audience. She also knows that there is a good deal of competition to lure potential patrons away. I check to see how many users are watching and how popular she is. I notice how either delightful I can feel or even disappointed. I study her environment, colors, music, lighting, etc. I “Favorite” her. But when I return I always say hello and leave a little tip. I want to see how creative and inventive she is. I observe if she teases and likes to present herself with some life force or whether she chooses to remain quiet, tranquil and placid.

I have no need to feel critical toward any of her actions and quirky behaviors because she has followers who love her and those who do not. We owe nothing to each other unless one feels so greatly benefited by the other that some recognition and reward is due.

e. I must avoid the natural tendency to be too eager especially if she is gorgeous, hot, and might exhibit everything I always wanted in a woman or playmate. This is the time to learn patience. I want to have her say “Hi” to what … my username? … in her sweet, feminine way? I am learning to simply let them be. I let this idea of “letting her be” continue on throughout my time with her. I study her face, attitude, mood, movements, etc. If she really grabs me is when it’s time to put my hands under my thighs and simply wait, watch and pray.

The mistake that I have made it to rush into her room and start babbling away. My deep need to communicate and be recognized is strong at times and I must understand more about me at those moments than about her. When I feel so attracted there are hormones being released that stimulate the beautiful feelings of desire to communicate, exchange and encounter. The Cam venue makes this process quite easy unlike being in public. The private is quite an allure to jumping in and getting started without much prep work. Enjoying this medium means enjoying ones own feeling first whatever they may be.

Once those feelings are better defined then respond. There is nothing wrong with responding quickly but I must feel it first and feel liberated and free rather than inhibited, hung up, guilty, pressured, or anxious in any way.

f. Study, Study, Study. Once the compulsion to engage has been overcome without feelings of being cheap, voyeuristic, mooching, etc. I give myself room to observe and make my decision. I try to see what is really there and if she is worth my time. Do I really like it or am I simply infatuated in the moment. I try to judge the whole picture in terms of my qualifications for excellence. I must remember to enjoy the study and learn what it since is defines both her and especially me. This process can be as liberating as it can be addictively disjointed.

g. Some Protocols


Upon entering instead of letting the username introduce me dignify myself by managing my own presence. “Hello … I am Evanu … and, I am pleased to be here.” This is the very first way I can distinguish myself from the others because nobody else does this. If I wanted to be more enticing I might say, “Hello … I am Evanu … May I have the pleasure of this next dance?


Plan on staying only briefly. Make it short and sweet!

I wait a little while and leave one token.

Then I text her with a compliment about what it is I like most and then say, “You are on my “Favorite” list and I will visit again soon.

Then I say goodbye politely and leave one token .

What happens … I sometimes get eager and jump the gun and decide I am uninterested in placing her on my “favorite” list. When this happens it is unnecessary to go through the formality of saying goodbye and tipping. I simply leave. I will never be thought of again or remembered. If I decide to return again simply pick up where I left off and if I choose to favor her I continue as I would have at the first visit. Before exiting be prepared for some of the more observant and motivated models to attempt to keep you by shifting gears away from sitting at the keyboard to the bed with some striptease and alluring movements. This little gambit is quite fun and I always remain to enjoy it. Remember to tip before leaving. Tell she is lovely, grab your balls and run. Some of these ladies at this point are lethal and as King Solomon says you could easily find yourself like bird caught in a snare. Own your own sexuality, brothers, and never let a woman control you that way. This is an important discipline we all need to practice.

A reason why I might also leave is after my introduction she fails to acknowledge me. There may be reasons for this being distracted with other patrons, for example. No reason to take anything personally at this time. If I like her I return. If the pattern continues I move on.

The Public Area

The sexually oriented chat room offers opportunities to experience life in ways never before imagined. Aside from the usual politeness in the public chat areas I have learned that here conversations should be short and sweet without getting too personal. Other members enjoy being with this shared model for any number of reasons the main one being sex. Sex means different things to different people. If getting to know a model means delving into personal information which she may or may not wish to divulge the private area is the best place to do it. I just had an encounter where a model mentioned that her father treated her poorly. Soon a gold level member chimed in and advised that this conversation was best done in private. I understood what he was saying and thanked him.

Models are being exposed to quite a wide array of people throughout the world, although the informality of being in her bedroom may seem relaxed and private one must remember that it is still public and may be best to avoid going too deep. Although superficiality may be regarded as more proper there are still ways the clever patron can express certain ideas, moods, feelings, compliments and observations which may engage and tantalize the model endearing her to me rather than marking me off as a bore. Ultimately it will be the model’s call on how far she wishes to go in her public page and her wishes must be followed explicitly to avoid being banned from her page.

Although there are often moments when entering a public area may seem quite explicit and sexually entertaining one must understand that this area is more of neutral zone where a model gets to present herself in the best possible light to win patrons hopefully to more lucrative areas of her room. It’s kind of like the erotic dance clubs where dancers might perform on stage and then invite a patron into a private room for a certain fee to engage in certain services.

I keep notes and files on the ladies I visit and why I like them and I refer to and develop it each time I visit. I must remember these ladies are the special ones I truly like and getting to know them better takes study.

Thanks for reading my post and please feel free to offer your sincere comments.



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