Message to My Young Ladies

Young ladies often seek out advise and training in eroticism from much older gentlemen. Sometimes they refer to them as teachers; other times as counselors. It is my life’s work to speak to those most vulnerable and often desperately in need.

As an experienced life coach for sex workers down through the years I am expanding a recently published erotic fiction that I hope will touch, move and inspired through entertaining writing, philosophy. The work is called  “Prince Amad’s Noble Hug“. 

Sex for me has been quite a journey. If my mother only knew what I can recall from quite an early age. I suppose my first feelings of my sense of gender were connected to my parents … the touch, sights, sounds, smells and tastes. They kind of create your soul. How to interpret these feelings seems to have been the story of my life.

How can something so simple turn out to be so complex?

So many yearnings and cravings. It’s like … you spend your whole life trying to satisfy something that began so many years ago by often revisiting old memories perhaps in some new way. And yet, this deep internal stimulus seems to produce more of the same, over and over again. This search for newness from something past and old what truly is happening and why all the repetition? Seems like a dichotomy of sorts. Perhaps this is where the tension is, and perhaps the pleasure associated with seeking and searching … the anticipation of finding.

So now you and I find ourselves here, together. You and I.

What will follow on these blog posts is the story of growth, and learning to accept who I am becoming as a unique person, a true identity and an always an alive and changing being. I hope my journey inspires others to find faith, hope and love.  Friendship with my Creator who said, “The Kingdom of Heaven … is within you” continues in peace and joy both in myself and others. 

The stories, fantasies and musings which follow and may at times be somewhat explicit and perhaps even graphic, are an open and honest display of my experience, and in no way suggestive of what anyone else should think, believe or do. And, I hope no one is offended in an any way.  Should the reader wish to engage any of these ideas may it be in the spirit of “giving” and never for “getting”. I have found that the new venue open for camming in the sexual arena is desperately in need to coaches and counselors who have courage to reach boldly into that region of sexual expression and lend a hand to encourage many, especially the new ones, to consider what their heart of heart is telling them. As Giminy Cricket once said to Pinocchio … “Always let your conscience be your guide.”

Our gender, sexual and erotic core is a deep part of who we are becoming and a vehicle in which we are capable of experiencing beauty and pleasure in a profound, enriching and enlightening way, so the full potential of growing deeper and wider might be a rich experience.

May health, prosperity and true love come to us all.



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