Hello … I am Evanu …

Honored and pleased that you have come …

It has been an uphill climb for many years. Life has taught me a few  things. I hope that in sharing my thoughts and experiences you will benefit as I have during the journey.

My grandfather, in his Sicilian accent, used to tell me that the climb would be arduous and steep but when you reached the top the view and the air would be fresh and sweet.

I have struggled to understand my sexuality from many different angles and have come to the place where I have learned to honor my core feelings as a human being with valid biological instincts and behaviors. Often these things have been confused in my thinking through childhood training, culture and personal experiences. Here is the place where having worked through the maze of good information, misinformation and feelings both natural and sometimes unnatural I get to write my story and share it with you. I like doing that because I know other people have many of the same issues. I am eager to make and entertain new friends here in a way that will uplift and hopefully inspire. Please visit my blog and feel free to share your perspective with me.

Blessings to you and prosper.